Why do dogs bark? How to stop a dog barking

Is it natural for Dogs to bark?

The short answer is Yes. In this article, we will explain why dogs bark and if it is really natural for dogs to bark.

it is natural for your dog to bark at times, it can be annoying. Some of the reasons dogs bark are: to express themselves (as they cannot talk, barking is the next best thing); to get your attention; or to warn off potential intruders.

Sometimes they can also bark because they have pent-up energy inside or are feeling lonely. There could be a variety of reasons why dogs bark and if not properly controlled in time, an excessive amount of bark may harm the dog’s health. Below you are going to see what are some reasons not only why dogs bark but also how to prevent it further?

Why do dogs bark?

An Australian study showed the dogs barking at night is the most common problem dog owners face. If your dog starts barking at night and it won’t stop. There are plenty of reasons why the dog barks at night. The reasons could range from needing to go to the bathroom to feeling lonely or spotting a sign of intruders, to Illness, the pain of old age, having dementia or just plain old Boredom anxiety.

How to stop barking dogs at night?


It is recommended to check with a vet before taking the matter to your hands. If the barking happened suddenly out of nowhere, then the dog is unhappy with the situation, Maybe they are getting the call from the bladder or something is wrong in the tummy. An upset stomach and bladder infection can sometimes be crying for the howl.

If the dog is old, then it is better to check in with a vet to look for a solution to the barking. The probability of old dogs barking always lands on dementia. A study showed that 14% of elderly dogs have mental deficiencies.

Sometimes the barking at night could be from a minor accident. This could be from seeing a raccoon or a cat or any other unfamiliar animals around the house. It is not always seeing something unfamiliar to trigger the barking, sometimes it could be from smelling something or someone around the house.

And the other reason for barking at night could be from feeling lonely from not being around the master. Dogs have a higher sense of smell, they can tell if the master is at home or not. They are friendly creatures, if they don’t have any master to guide them around, they can feel very lonely and start barking to express a dreadful emotion inside.

How to control barking dogs?

A proper training method is a good way to start a session with a dog. Make sure all the training program includes less information and more interaction with the dog. So the dog won’t get confused about the training lessons. If trained every day they would eventually pick up the good over wrong.

It is better to keep them busy than making them stay idle. A dog’s body produces nutrients faster than the human body. So, they have more energy than the average human body.

Another solution to stop them from barking includes punishment little harsher. Whenever they bark, you have to ignore them to make them think braking will not get the attention of the owner or be rewarded with any treats.

How to stop barking dogs next door?


If your dog won’t stop barking at the next-door neighbor. There are plenty of things you can do to control their behavior. One of the most working solutions is to block their view. The dog might be insecure about their territory. Blocking the vision might help control the problem. Another thing to do to introduce the dog to the neighbor to make them stop seeing everyone as a threat.

A friendly meet and greet with the people around your neighbor would be good for the dog. It will certainly reduce the sense of loneliness in a dog. Sometimes dogs bark for a long time if they are feeling alone or left out. Making them meet new people would drastically help the situation and prevent the depression further.

Is barking good for dogs?

While it is natural for dogs to bark. This the one of the way the dog gets to express what they feel inside. One of the common reasons for them to bark is if they smell something or someone unfamiliar around the territory. It is natural for dogs to do that. Some dogs are bred to bark, they are known as barkers.

To these dogs security of the owner comes first than anything else. While barking is healthy but excessive barking might show a problem with the dog. It is recommended to be in contact with the vet to reassure the dog’s health.

How to stop puppies from barking?


The problem for puppies barking at night is vastly different than dogs barking at night. Normally, for a puppy, the reason for most cases always urination because new puppies are known to have poor bladder control. In these situations, it is better to take the pup outside of the house than letting the pup bark all night. Which could become a habit for the pup?

It is better to take the pup to sleep next to your bad in the earlier stages. Besides pup having a weaker bladder control, they could be barking because it is their first experience in a new place or maybe they are feeling lonely for not sleeping with the other dogs as they used to in the pet center. Missing a companion could trigger the barking of the dog.

Spending a few nights with the new puppy will fill the hole in their heart. As they will start seeing you as one of their friends.

One of the ways to prevent the dog from getting anxiety or developing stress is to provide them with a good amount of nutrients food. Giving the dog treat on good behaviors might control their bad actions. Some of the food available in the market can help a dog’s mental and physical health while others tend to do more harm than good.

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