When to give Snacks to a dog

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Food is the passion of any dog, probably due to its extraordinary sense of smell that can even detect the ingredients contained in any dog ​​snack.

That is why we must know when to give Snacks to a dog, taking advantage of the fact that it performs some of our orders well and thus stimulating the positive reinforcement, so crucial in areas of training.

What is a Snack, and why is it important?

What is a Snack, and why is it important

Snacks are small pieces of food that are given to dogs as a prize, a reward they get when they do something right, such as obeying the order “come here” or “sit down”.

It is very important to give prizes to our dogs when they obey because that is how we set in motion what is known as positive reinforcement. The dog associates to make the order to receive a prize well and therefore learn much faster.

There are many types of Snacks, with different flavors so that we can choose the one that our dog likes the most and even with different sizes, so that all breeds, whether mini or giant, can enjoy them.

Some use portions of the feed as prizes, but dogs end up getting used to the taste for being the same as that of meals, and the positive effect is not so intense.

That is why we recommend purchasing Snacks with different flavors than our dog’s feed.

How to give Snacks to a puppy

How to give Snacks to a puppy

Surely you fall into the temptation to give your puppy a Snack every two to three simply because you like to see him happy, but unfortunately, this is not a good practice.

The best we can do, both for our puppy and for us, is to be selective when giving a prize. The priority when training a puppy is to teach him basic things about how to do his needs away from home or to come to our call.

Let us then use the Snacks as a reward and positive reinforcement for our puppy, so that when our puppy pees or poops away from home we will congratulate him and give him a Snack.

Teaching him to come to the call is very simple if by saying his name we show him how we get a prize for him, when he sees that we are going to give him a Snack he will come running towards us.

Should I give Snacks to my adult dog?

Snacks to my adult dog?
Many people believe that when dogs are already adults, it is not necessary to give them prizes, because they already know how to obey our orders. However, over time obedience decreases, precisely because they receive no reward.

Rewarding an adult dog when doing something right is vitally important.

They need to feel admired for a job well done, and nothing better for it than a meal reward.

When not to give Snacks to a dog

When not to give Snacks to a dog

One of the most common mistakes is to reward a dog when it does not deserve it, and beware, all dogs deserve a prize but as long as they do some work. We should never give our dog a Snack simply because we like him and we love him.

We should only give a prize to our dog when he performs some of our orders well.

Another situation in which we should not give Snacks to a dog is when he is nervous, active, too excited. We should not reward its excess nervousness because we could lead the dog to think that being nervous is positive.

If our dog is too excited, it is best to ask him to sit down and wait for him to relax, once he has relaxed, we can give him his deserved prize.

What are the best dog snacks?

What are the best dog snacks

The big question of the million, we all want to give our dog the best prizes, but what is best?

There is really no answer to this question because each dog is different, and that is why what my dog ​​may love, it is possible that your dog doesn’t like it. We must try different Snacks (fish flavor, meat flavor, etc.) until we find the one that our dog likes best.

We don’t need to buy a thousand bags of prizes, we can simply change each time one is finished, and we have to buy another. We will notice right away if our dog likes it or not because they love to eat.

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