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What is the best food to feed a Great Dane puppy?

If you love to keep giant dogs, then Dane puppies are the most wished species you may want to keep. However, feeding them is not less than a challenge. This German breed is popular due to its enormous build and height. That is why Great Dane’s eating habits are a bit different from the other breeds.

So, let’s look at some Great Dane nutrition facts to get a better understanding of how you should feed your best friend. We have also reviewed the best dog food for Great Dane puppies with sensitive stomachs so that you may be able to make an informed choice.

Best Food To Feed A Great Dane puppy

A Quick Guide about Great Dane Puppy Food

The first thing that arises in your mind when you buy a Great Dane puppy is what do great Danes eat?  The Great Dane puppy feeding chart is a bit different from the ordinary dog’s breed because they are quite similar to the wild wolf, and so do their feeding habits. 

Great Dane burns calories less than ordinary dogs, but still, they need a high number of calories because of their greater weight. On Average, a dog needs about 30 calories each pound of its weight, so as an average, a Great Dane puppy needs about 1500 to 2000 calories according to its body weight. 

Now, it is significant to choose an appropriate diet for your Great Dane puppy to keep him healthy and fit. A protein-rich diet is key to the healthy life and survival of your dog. You must choose a diet that is rich in proteins and contains a moderate amount of fats and calories. Make sure that you do not feed large meals to your dogs because they usually cause bloating in their stomach that is quite painful. The amount of calories ensures that your dog’s tummy gets fuller quickly, and he does not eat too much. 

Choosing a dog food for a Great Dane puppy

Choosing the right dog food largely depends upon the age of your dog and also upon its activity level. The dog food for a Great Dane puppy must contain greater protein content and calories for the growth and development of the bones than a normal puppy or an older dog. However, more food intake or excessive intake may cause growing them too quickly and lead to the development of orthopedic issues. So, make sure that the food you buy does not have a calorie content more than the specified range to prevent overgrowth.

Look for a formula that is designed according to the special nutritional requirements of the large puppy breeds because these specific dog foods provide a balance of proteins, calories, and other ingredients that are needed for the growth of large dogs. The balance of proteins and calories is necessary for the optimal weight balance, along with the growth of bones to avoid bone and joint diseases. 

On average, a Great Dane puppy feeding chart must contain at least 22% of proteins; however, the calorie intake must be limited to 18% per serving. This breed of dog is giant in size, and this is the reason they do not need a great number of calories and fats like the small breed.  Make sure that the recipe you choose your giant buddy must fulfill the following dietary requirements;

  • A good recipe must use real poultry or fish as a first ingredient.
  • Make sure that the food you buy uses farm-raised animals.
  • The food must be free from artificial flavors, additives, preservatives, fillers, and animal by-products.
  • The recipe must contain at least two animal proteins and animal-based fats.
  • The recipe must have limited soluble carbohydrate content. 

How To Potty Train A Great Dane puppy

Great Dane puppy feeding chart

We hope that this Great Dane puppy feeding chart would help you to offer appropriate dosages of food to you lovely giant friend.

Age(Months)Cups a DayMeals a day
12-18 Male8-102
12-18 Female6-92

How much do Great Danes eat?

The Great Dane puppies eat greater than the adults. On average, the puppies eat about 10-12 cups of large-breed dog food daily. However, they start to eat less as they age.

What to feed a Great Dane puppy?

A key to the best diet is the optimal balance of animal-based proteins and fats that contribute to the growth and development of puppies. Feed an age and breed-appropriate dog food that is specifically designed according to the nutritional requirements of the giant breed.

Why do great Danes eat grass?

Great Danes eat grass for many reasons. It may be due to an upset stomach. Moreover, fiber is an important constituent of a healthy diet, so they may eat grass to digest food and pass stool easily. Eating grass is a normal behavior of a wild dog, so there is nothing to be worried about if your dog eats grass. It is much needed to fulfill the optimal balance of proteins, calories, and fiber in the diet. Some dogs may also like the taste of the grass.

What to feed a malnourished Great Dane?

Feeding a great date is a challenging task especially when it comes to feeding a malnourished one. You should be careful enough when you feed your sick dog because it is important to provide him all proteins and nutrients needed to recover. The dog food of a malnourished Great Dane must contain at least five animal proteins. It may be a lamb, fish, chicken, or red meat. 

What to feed a pregnant Great Dane?

A Dane bitch should be fed a high-quality diet. Make sure that the diet is digestible. She needs more protein than a normal Dane so better to incorporate more nutrition and fats into her diet. Usually a pregnant Dane bitch needs more food in the first half of gestation. The food must be an optimal balance of proteins, calories, soluble-carbs, and fiber to avoid low blood sugar levels. The food must also contain an adequate amount of calcium and phosphorus for milk production to feed the pups.

What not to feed a Great Dane?

You should not feed the Great Dane excessively. They need a high-quality diet but lesser in quantity than other breeds. Do not feed them animal by-products. Make sure that the dog food you buy discloses all the ingredients and the ingredients do not contain fillers and additives. The fat sources must include animal fats.

What to feed a Great Dane with a sensitive stomach?

Bloating is too common in Great Danes especially to those who have a sensitive stomach. Excessive Eating may cause bloating to these lovely companions and becomes the common cause of death in this breed. This is the reason the pet owners should choose the dog food for their Danes considerately. Here are some tips for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

  • Make sure that your dog’s food does not contain certain proteins, Fats, Fiber and Vitamins that are not easy to digest.
  • If you Dane show stomach sensitivity, Switch to the other dog food that contains different digestible ingredients
  • Always feed high-quality food sourced from farm-raised Animals and Plants.
  • Switch to homemade food for your dog if the problem persists.

What to feed a Great Dane to gain weight?

If your Great Dane is too skinny then you should feed him the food that helps him to gain weight. High-calorie food can be given in order to improve his weight. Feed him small meals so that he may be able to consume more calories throughout the day. You can also add some weight-gaining supplements with the dog food in order to give him a complete diet.

When do Great Dane puppies start eating food?

Great Dane puppies start to eat solid or semi-solid food when they reach 3.5 weeks of age. You can offer them wet puppy food for a large breed. You can also grind the large breed dry puppy food in powder form and mix it with water so that they may be able to eat it conveniently.

Do Great Danes eat a lot?

No, they eat like a normal dog. However, they eat more at an early age i.e. 8 to 10 cups of dog food on daily basis. The food intake decreases as they age. An adult dog eats only 2 to 6 cups a day.

Do Great Danes have a lot of health problems?

Great Danes usually do not have many health problems but they easily catch one very common health issue named “bloat and torsion”. It is not a major health issue or life-threatening issue but it is quite painful for the Great Danes. In this disease, they get bloated because of the trapped air inside their stomach. It is usually caused naturally when the stomach twists itself however it has a treatment as well.

Some of the dogs are more prone to this problem but others are not. If a dog faces this problem once then chances are that it will occur again as well. Try giving your Great Dane a good diet to make sure it is not bloated.

Great Dane Puppy Food Comparison Chart

ProductMain IngredientsFood TypeBest For
Wellness Complete Health Natural Puppy recipe  Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Flaxseed, and CarrotsWet FoodSensitive Stomach
AvoDerm Natural Chicken and Rice Formula for All life stagesChicken and Avocado ExtractsWet FoodAll Life Stages
Taste of The Wild Grain-free Puppy foodBuffalo Meat and BisonDry FoodSkin and Coat
Holistic Select Large and Giant breed puppy foodLamb meat, Oatmeal, and QuinoaDry FoodDigestion
Wellness Large Breed Complete Health Puppy Deboned Chicken, Brown Rice & Salmon Meal Recipe Dry Dog Food, 30  Chicken, Brown Rice and Salmon mealDry FoodBrain and Eyes
Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food Large BreedChickenDry FoodBrain and Eyes
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food  Chicken, Brown RiceDry FoodBrain and Eyes
Iams Proactive Health Puppy Dry Dog Food, Chicken, All Breed Sizes  ChickenDry FoodFor All breeds, Best for joints and teeth
Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Large Breed, Chicken Meal & Oats RecipeChicken meat and OatsDry FoodAll Life Stages
Purina Pro Plan Large & Giant Breed Adult Wet Dog FoodChicken and RiceWet FoodBrain and Eyes

Best Giant Breed Puppy Food Reviews

Best Dog Food for Great Dane puppies includes a lot of content we have already discovered in the previous section. Now, it is time to explore some best dog food for Great Danes that include an optimal balance of those contents. Let’s see how these brands are the best for your giant buddy.   

Wellness Complete Health Natural Puppy recipe

wellness natural pet food

The Wellness health natural puppy recipe is the best Dog food for great Danes with a sensitive stomach. This complete canned food is made up of all-natural ingredients made for sensitive stomachs. The recipe contains high-quality chicken rich in protein. The combination of proteins with sweet potatoes helps your dog to digest the food quickly and pass the stool easily. Moreover, this blend also contains carrots and Flaxseed which are great sources of antioxidants.

This formula improves the health and skin coat of your giant friends, strengthens the eyes, teeth, and gums, boosts immunity, and maintains energy level to perform day-to-day activities energetically. The company claims that they use the finest farm-raised meat, wholesome grains, and fruits and vegetable to provide the optimal balance of nutrients.

Besides, this pet food does not contain animal by-products, fillers, and artificial preservatives to maintain the quality of the food. This wet pet food also keeps the dog’s body hydrated ensuring that he takes all necessary moisture through the food.


  • A complete dietary solution for sensitive stomach
  • Delicious and nutritious
  • Improves digestion, skin coats and immunity


  • Some dogs do not like liquid food

AvoDerm Natural Chicken and Rice Formula for All life stages

avoderm natural dry & wet dog food review

Here is an All-life stage formula that improves your dog’s skin and coat and provides a unique blend of ingredients necessary to maintain immunity. This formula improves energy for both puppies and adult dogs. This well-formulated recipe is made with Avocado extracts that are rich in Omega fatty acids that are good for the overall health of the large pups. 

This formula contains high-quality proteins and vitamins that are highly digestible. It is also a great choice for sensitive stomachs. The recipe is super-tasty and contains farm-raised chicken meat with a combination of brown rice. The kibbles are extremely easy to eat for the small jaws and teeth. The recipe also contains DHA that is present in the mother’s feed to improve the cognitive skills of your Dane pups.  

The recipe is free from the fillers like wheat, soy, and corn that do not provide necessary nutrients and just fill the empty stomach. Moreover, the meal is also free from by-products, additives and preservatives, and artificial flavors. It keeps your dog healthy in the long run and the dog also enjoys the taste of the food very much.


  • Good flavour
  • Free from by-products, preservatives and fillers
  • All-stage formula
  • A unique blend of fruits and meat



Taste of The Wild Grain-free Puppy food

tasteof the wild dry dog food wirh roasted venion reviews

This is the best no-grain dog food for your great Dan pups in our list of best Dane puppy foods. The formula contains buffalo meat and bison as a source of proteins and nutrients. The meat is taken from high-quality farm-raised animals to improve the growth and development of your giant pet. It is a great blend of fruits and vegetables that are a sustainable source of anti-oxidants in the body. These antioxidants improve the skin coat, eyes, and overall health of the dog.

This natural grainless food is free of all unnecessary ingredients like filler, preservatives, and artificial flavours. It also contains prebiotics that supports easy digestion and metabolism. The recipe includes vegetables like peace and potatoes while the meat of buffalo and Bison. It helps in improving the growth of muscles.

The amino acids included in this grain-free dietary supplement ensure the absorption of the food appropriately. Some puppies do not like grainy food so this dry grain-less puppy food ensures that your giant pup enjoys eating the delicious food.


  • Grain-free dry food for puppies
  • The optimum combination of proteins and nutrients
  • High-quality animal meat


  • It does not contain sufficient fibre to digest food

Holistic Select Large and Giant breed puppy food

Holistic select natural dry dog food for great dane giant breed

This puppy food recipe contains a unique combination of lamb meal and oatmeal that is a source of digestive enzymes helping your dog to digest the food easily. This pet food contains blueberries and pomegranate that strengthen cellular health. Moreover, this blend also contain DHA that is present in the mother feed to improve the eyes, brain and cognitive skill of the puppies.

This pet food is an optimal balance of oatmeal, quinoa, and brown rice that keeps your dog energetic to perform day-to-day activities and grow rapidly. It has high-quality natural ingredients extracted from farm-raised animals, vegetables, and fruits ensuring your Dane’s health in the long term. This recipe also contains antioxidants and enzymes that support the complete absorption of food in the body. 


  • Optimal combination of animal meat and plant-based protein
  • Helps in the digestion
  • Helps in the absorption of food in the body
  • Keeps your dog energetic
  • Free from filler, preservatives and additives


  • Some puppies do not like the taste of this food
  • Cause loose poop to some animals

Wellness Large Breed Complete Health Puppy Deboned Chicken, Brown Rice & Salmon Meal Recipe Dry Dog Food, 30

wellness complete health natural dry large breed dog food reviews

This food is designed specifically for the large breed that needs extra proteins and good fats to grow fast.  Help your dog gain weight quickly with Wellness Large Breed complete Puppy formula that contains deboned chicken, Salmon meal, and brown rice to provide your dog with the nourishment he really needs at an early age. This dry dog food recipe features calcium and phosphorus that are necessary to strengthen joints and bones.

Moreover, The Salmon meal contains DHA which is important for the cognitive growth of your dog. It improves the brain and eyes of your dog. Moreover, it also contains ingredients that help in easy digestion and reduce odour in the stool. Taurine supports the heart while the flaxseeds ensure healthy skin and coat. Wellness Large Breed complete health formula does not contain fillers, preservatives, and animal by-products.

The formula contains prebiotics and probiotics that improve digestion and Vitamin A and E contribute to strengthening your dog’s immune system. Other ingredients in this food include Tomatoes, Barley, sweet potatoes, carrot, and apples.


  • Specially designed for large breed puppies
  • Contains DHA to improve cognitive skills
  • Free from Wheat, Soy and other fillers
  • All ingredients are extracted from high-quality sources



Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food Large Breed

purina pro plan large breed puppy dry dog food reviews

Purina Chicken and Rice formulas are made for large breed puppies. It is made by using high-quality protein contents extracted from a farm-raised chicken. Moreover, this formula contains glucosamine that strengthens the bones, joints, and cartilage of large breed puppies. The recipe is a great combination of chicken and brown rice, rich in DHA which is the main constituent of mother’s feed. The DHA helps the dogs develop their brain, eyes, and cognitive skills.  

Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy food is fortified with prebiotics and probiotics that are very useful for indigestion. The antioxidants present in this blend strengthen the immune system of your Dane while the calcium and phosphorus work on his joints and bones. It also includes Omega fatty acids necessary for the health of the skin and coat.

Purina believes that each bred has different needs so it has designed the dog food accordingly. Thing formula targets large breeds like the Dane puppies so it concentrates on the growth and development of those lovely pets.


  • Strengthen bones and teeth
  • Helps in easy digestion
  • Specifically designed for large breed puppies
  • Improves immunity system


  • May cause bloating

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food

blue buffalo life protection formula natural puppy dry dog food and puppy wet dog food reviews

If you buy Blue Buffalo life protection formula, be sure that your dog is eating real meat as the first ingredient. All the blue buffalo pet food lines contain high-quality deboned meat combined with wholesome grains and farm-fresh veggies and fruits. This recipe is specifically made for large breed puppies and contains DHA and ARA that are the main constituent of mother’s milk. These components improve the development and functioning of the brain and eyes.

This combination of first-class chicken and brown rice has great taste. It is formulated by holistic Vets and nutritionists and recommended by most Vets for large dogs. The recipe is a balanced combination of minerals, vitamins, fats, and proteins that help digestion, improves the immune system, strengthen bones and joints and support healthy skin and coat.

Feed your dog confidently because this formula is free from all unnecessary fillers, preservatives, and additives.


  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics for easy digestion
  • Contains components for eye and brain development
  • Free from fillers like wheat and soy
  • Free from by-products.


  • It causes nausea to some dogs.

Iams Proactive Health Puppy Dry Dog Food, Chicken, All Breed Sizes

iams puppy dry food for great dane dogs review

If you have different breeds to bring up then Iams Proactive health puppy dry dog food is a considerable choice. It is designed to meet the needs of different breeds in the early stage. The formula is recommended by the authorized Vets and formulated by the renowned nutritionist to meet the needs of different breeds. It is made up of farm-raised chicken with high-quality protein contents. The formula contains 22 nutrients that are present in the mother’s milk.

The DHA helps to train the puppies faster, improves their cognitive skills efficiently, and develops their sight and brains. The proteins contained in the formula strengthen the muscles of your Dane and makes him healthier and leaner. This formula is a complete solution for the life-stage requirements of the puppies. It keeps your dog active and fit for a lifetime.

Iams Proactive Health Puppy Dry Dog Food is free from fillers like wheat and soy and does not contain artificial flavours and additives that do not benefit the little tummies. The company uses premium-quality meat and does not offer animal by-products in the food.


  • Free from fillers and preservatives
  • Free from animal-by-products
  • Designed for all breeds



Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Large Breed, Chicken Meal & Oats Recipe

hills science diet dry dog food, puppy great dane reviews

If you are concerned about your dog’s bones and joints then Hill’s science dry dog food is a reasonable dog food to feed. It contains an optimum level of calcium for the controlled bone growth of your dog. The minerals contained in it strengthen the bones and teeth. Moreover, The DHA is extracted from the fish oil that is the main constituent of the mother’s feed. DHA improves your dog’s sight and catalyzes brain development.   

The Hill’s Science dry dog food contains specific ingredients for the large breed puppies. It is approved and trusted by many Vets. The super-tasty chicken flavoured dog food is popular among picky eaters.  It is rich in high-quality protein contents, antioxidants, prebiotics, and probiotics for a healthy immune system and digestion.

All the ingredients are extracted from the premium source and contain vitamins and minerals needed to fulfill all the nutritional needs of the large young dogs. The food is extremely safe and does not contain fillers, preservatives, and animal by-products. All the ingredients pass through an extensive process and fulfill the quality standard in order to provide your dog with a balanced diet.


  • Contains specific ingredients for large breed puppies
  • The flavour is very tasty
  • Contains DHA to strengthen the brain and eyes
  • Beneficial for bones and joints


  • Cause loose poops to some dogs

Purina Pro Plan Large & Giant Breed Adult Dry Dog Food & Wet Dog Food

purina pro plan large breed & giant breed adult dry dog food & wet dog food focus reviews

Purina has introduced this recipe specifically for giant breeds like the great Danes that is why it is one of the best dog foods for Great Danes. The Danes are one of the largest breeds of dogs and Purina understands their special needs. That is why this formula is a blend of specific nutrients that are required for the growth and development of these special animals. This chicken and Rice formula contains prebiotics and probiotics in the form of wheat bran to promote easy digestion.

The real chicken is the first ingredient in the production of this recipe. The ingredients are also extracted from the trusted sources ensuring your dog’s health and wellness. The blend contains Omega 3 fatty acids and glucosamine that promotes vitality. Moreover, this formula is made in the trusted facilities in the USA so recommended by the approved Vets for its visible developmental results.

The formula is a unique blend of minerals, vitamins, fats, and proteins that are present in the form of real meat, poultry, or fish as the first ingredient. It is free from all preservatives, additives, and fillers which have not benefited from the dog’s health.


  • Meet to fulfil the specific nutritional needs of giant breed puppies
  • Contains high-quality content in the form of meat, poultry or fish
  • Helps digestion of food
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Made in the trusted facilities in the USA



Great Dane puppies are one of the most adorable puppies you would ever see and hold on your hands. Great Dane Dogs have some very good quality any dog owners would want in their life, Great Danes are one of the best dogs to housetrain and potty train as they are very intelligent and easy to train, they are extremely affectionate to their families and extremely loyal dogs.

Top 4 places to find a Great Dane puppy for sale in the UK?


Best places to Buy a Great Dane Puppies for Sale in US


To get a Great Dane Breed we suggest that you check the dog is right for you and your family and to do that most of the places where you can buy a dog have a wealth of information that could help you understand the pros and cons of owning a Great Dane Breed. Check out the links above to find out detailed information on why Great Danes are just an awesome dog to have or you can find out some of the highlights below:

Great Dane Pro’s and Con’s Breed Highlights

Benefits of owning a Great Dane dog

  1. Great Danes are extremely loyal and affectionate to their families
  2. They are very intelligent dogs
  3. In the right hands, they are easy to train
  4. Low maintenance on the grooming front
  5. They have moderate shedding coats
  6. Great Danes are very playful and goofy by nature

Disadvantages of buying a Great Dane dog

  • They are not the best choice for first-time dog owners
  • Great Danes are extremely large dogs and need enough space to express themselves
  • They are known to drool (a lot)
  • They suffer from separation anxiety when left on their own
  • Their tails can cause a lot of damage when excited
  • They can be stubborn when the mood takes them
  • They are prone to suffering from certain health issues which can result in higher vet bills
  • Great Danes being a large breed has a short lifespan
  • They are expensive to feed and need a lot of exercises

To read more about the Key Bread Facts, you should check out pets4homes dog breeds fact about Great Dane

Final Words

The Great Dane puppies are affectionate pets but their dietary requirements are a bit challenging. We hope we have answered all your concerns about their diet in the comprehensive buying guide above. Moreover, our reviews will help you to make a reasonable choice for your giant buddy.

Let us know about your experience in the comment section below and also suggest some best dog food for Great Danes to review in the next article.