Temperament and character of a Doberman dog

Temperament And Character Of A Doberman Dog

Doberman Breed

If you are thinking of adopting a dog of the Doberman breed, you will surely like to know what his character is like and if he has a good temperament.

Let me tell you that you are lucky because I personally have a lot of experience dealing with this breed, which is one of my favorites. Ready to know what a Doberman really is like? Let’s go there.

Does the Doberman dog have a fearless temper?

Doberman Dog Temper

The truth is that yes, it is a rather fearless race because it is powerful and knows it. Intrepid does not mean that it is dangerous, simply that in a dangerous situation, he will not hesitate to defend his family.

You could say that it is a synonym for Brave, and Doberman are very brave, there is no doubt about that.

The Doberman race and children

The Doberman Race And Children

The Doberman race and children

Some people think that the Doberman is a dangerous dog or should never be with children, but obviously, they are wrong. Doberman is curiously very respectful of young children and also quite playful.

Obviously, the education they received during their childhood (the dog) is key to determine their behaviour with the little ones, but if it has been well socialized without a doubt, they will have a great time playing with the children.

Is it an obedient race?

Doberman Obedient Race

Without a doubt, yes. The Doberman dog breed is one of the most intelligent breeds on the planet, so it has an excellent capacity for learning. He is even able to learn by simply observing.

His intelligence also makes him very obedient, even in situations of tension where any other race might be guided by natural instincts, the Doberman will always remain obedient and loyal.

The character of the Doberman race is excellent

Character Of The Doberman

The years in which he was classified as a dangerous or aggressive dog were left behind, new times arriving where we learned from his great virtues.

The Doberman dog has an observant and attentive, vigilant character as it is an excellent guard dog. Although this does not mean that it is dangerous, we should not confuse terms.

While it is true that he may be suspicious of strangers, it is also true that with his family, it is all love.

It is a race with a cheerful, playful, and affectionate character. You don’t really know a Doberman until you live with him, no matter how much others tell us or inform us.

What more could you ask for? Well, much more, since it is also a quiet dog at home, who knows how to respect and be patient. He is cuddly, loyal, and very attached to his family.

To maintain its great virtues and not develop bad behaviors, you simply have to socialize it correctly and take great walks every day.

Now that you know how they are, you have no excuse for not adopting one and making him your best friend. Treat it with love and affection, and you will receive the same multiplied by ten. It is an amazing race.

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