Doggie Language Translator Poster 42x30cm

Ever wondered what your dog is trying to say to you with their body language? If yes then this poster is for you!

  1. This poster can help you understand why your dog acts the way that they do and build a better relationship with your best friend!
  2. It can help educate you and your loved ones about how your dog is feeling
  3. It can identify issues that your dog is having
  4. Help reduce frustration in your dog
  5. Reduce dog Anxiety 
  6. Reduce dog barking
  7. Improve communication between you and your dog
  8. Helps you provide the best care for your dog

The poster contains over 30 dog posture that will explain your dog body language so that you will be able to understand and meet the needs of your dog.

A happy dog is a fun and relaxed dog!






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