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Dog Teepee Bed with Cushion Stars Pattern


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Teepee dog houses are a stylish way to give your pet a comfortable and enclosed sleeping space.
Any dog would love this stylish teepee bed to relax in. Available with a cute star pattern.
The cushion base is included for your dog’s comfort.
The Dog Teepee Bed comes with a durable design and a great price
Details: Material: Cotton Canvas.
Sizing: Small: 40 x 40 x 50cm,
Medium: 50 x 50 x 60cm,
Large: 60 x 60 x 70cm

Why Buy a Teepee Bed?

  • Dog Teepee Beds provides a safe space for your pup to sleep
  • It provides a cozy, secure space and promotes relaxation for dogs
  • A great stylish addition to any home
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Reversible cushion mat with a non-slip surface.
  • Stylish pattern and on-trend teepee design.

Uses for a Dog Teepee Bed

Apart from the benefits explained above, the Pet Teepee Bed is a portable bed that is good to take with you when traveling or indoors.
  • You can use the doggy bed to style your home
  • You can use it to create a safe space for your dog to sleep
  • You can use it to put away toys when guests around
We offer various Dog Teepee Bed Tent sizes to suit all dogs see below:
  • Dog Teepee Bed for small, medium, and large dogs
  • Teepee dog houses for small, medium, and large dogs
Doggypetshop Dog Teepee bed is an elegant little teepee based on a 5-pole design and made with lace front curtains to help make it a little fancier than most other teepees. The Dogypetshop Teepee also comes with a cushion and a small chalkboard on which you can write your pet’s name.
  • Dog teepee beds help keep fur confined to one place
  • They provide a private place for more nervous dogs to chill out
  • They are light and fold up into a small space
  • Finally, they are easy to transport around.
+ Easy assembly
+ Lightweight
+ 100% natural material
+ Machine washable
+ Cute star pattern
+ Storage pockets + 3 sizes
Why We Recommend It: This fashionable Pet Teepee is a stylish bed that provides a comfortable sleeping spot for your dog – as long as you buy the extra 24-inch cushion (Comes with cushion). It’s durable, easy to set up, and has a machine washable cover, so it’s a teepee that’s built to last.
There are three sizes available for sale in our store: small, medium, and large pet dog Teepee bed.
The small dog bed is intended for dogs up to 15lbs, while the medium will support
dogs up to 30lbs or less. The big dog tent bed is intended for dogs that are 30lbs.
The teepee’s other important characteristic is that it is generally a natural product, especially the plain white design. Normally, the tent material is 100 % natural cotton and the poles are natural pine. There are no chemicals and no artificial odour to set your pooch off as an effect.
Try this one from Doggypetshop, if you are looking for an incredibly durable build.
A very comfortable and airy space is provided by 100% cotton canvas and 100 % natural wooden stabilizing poles. Even the roughest and playful fur babies will not quickly crumble and will hold a roof over them.

Q: What is a dog teepee bed?

A: In a traditional teepee style, a teepee dog bed is basically a tent for dogs. They are mostly made of cotton cloth wrapped over many pine poles and have five or six sides. Some of them have real touches, such as rope attached to the end. Two flaps or curtains protect the door, which can be closed for protection or tied open for easy access.
Teepee beds are enjoyed by most humans! The dog teepee house comes in a variety of gorgeous patterns ranging from a nautical theme to star patterns, the cute style is also available a plain white design. The cuteness is taken to the next stage with finishing touches like matching cushions.

Q: Is a dog teepee bed waterproof?

A: Traditional dog teepee beds are not waterproof and are made of cotton canvas. Some are marketed for indoor or outdoor use, but that actually means they are solid enough to be used outdoors, such as to provide some shade in your garden or when you go camping. They are not a dog kennel and for dogs, they are not a ‘outside house’.
There are several waterproof dog tents that can survive heavy rains, but they are constructed of various materials and have a very different design.

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