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Doggypetshop Automatic Pet Food Feeder is a smart and intelligent automatic pet food dispenser for dogs, cats, and other pets. It is very easy to use and can be operated from the app. You can set up times, days, and times you want your pet to eat. Doggypetshop Automatic Pet Food Feeder is safe, reliable, and hygienic for your pets. With Doggypetshop Automatic Pet Food Feeder, you will feel more comfortable when leaving your pet at home alone because it keeps them safe and well-fed as long as they need it anytime during the day or night.

There are no messy bags to clean up, and there’s no risk of spillage or contamination.

➤【Customize Feeding Portion】 The Smart Feeder provides up to 8 meals a day, flexible meal portions from 1 to 20 portions per meal, 5g for each portion, and the container capacity is 3 liter, which could hold enough dry food for your fur kid. Feeding Reference: 1 cup of food is about 24 portions.

  1. ➤【2-Min Easy Setup】 1) Plug in the power adapter 2) download the Iseebiz app 3) type in the account and password of your home wifi network(only 2.4GHz)【No camera, no need to scan QR code】. Then control your feeder by Iseebiz APP on your mobile device anytime anywhere. You could also add a snack through your phone when you are home.【If you need the CAMERA version, check ASIN: B07QCT34D5】
  2. ➤【IR Detector + Voice Record】 For your pet’s happy mealtime, the IR detector prevents the pet food from clogging or overflow. Just be aware that the size of the dry food should not exceed 1 cm³. You could record 10s feeding voice, your personal sound will keep your pet not alone. To not annoying you or your family, the sound is low, but your fur kid could hear the lower sound than we could.
  3. ➤【Battery Backup Power Supply】 The feeder can be powered by 3 type D batteries (not included). With batteries as backup, they could keep this low energy consumed feeder work for more than 3 months, no worry about power failure when you are not at home. In batteries-only mode, the feeder will feed your pet according to the schedules you set before, but functions in APP and Wifi function will not work


The Dog automatic Feeder is an innovative automatic pet food feeder designed to allow pet owners to provide and monitor meals for their pets on a daily basis, with the ability to program in up to 8 different meal times. Once installed, the Pet Feeder is controlled by a smartphone app that allows you to program the amount of food dispensed at each mealtime, as well as whether you want your pet’s food automatically refilled if it exceeds the programmed amount. Information such as your pet’s weight and feeding history can be downloaded from your veterinarian’s web site.


White, Black, Green

Ships From

China, Russian Federation, United States

Time Setting


Max Output


With Water Dispenser


Power Source




Min Output



BPA-Free Plastic

Plug Type


LCD Display




Is Smart Device


Suitable for

Medium Small Dog / Cat / Puppy



Voice message Recording

10 seconds

LCD feeder Time

4 times in 1 Day

WIFI feeder Time

8 times in 1 Day

Camera feeder Time

6 times in 1 Day


1-39 portions per meal


USB charge or Battery (EU/US/JP)


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drinking bowl for cats


automatic feeder for cats


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automatic feeder


automatic pet feeder


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20 reviews for Automatic Pet Food Feeder Dispenser [Updated]

  1. Winston Hyde

    It came quickly, it works perfectly, what you need, for balanced and uniform nutrition

  2. Emma Carra

    Just got it! I can not leave a full review because I just installed! Camera chic! Manage only through the app to the phone! Not everyone can install it! On batteries, the feeder falls out a dose of food, but the camera does not work! And in the app writes that it is not connected! And so everything is fine!

  3. Jaimee Harter

    A chic Stern! I came to St. Petersburg for a week, brought a courier.
    With the connection will deal with even the child, I did not open the instruction at all.
    Kote immediately appreciated a new friend and eats now from him.
    Its money is definitely worth it!

  4. Lluciano Marcos

    Доставка быстрая. Кормушка прикольная. Брали самую простую. Корма влезает много. Записываемый голос воспроизводит тихо (достаточно, чтобы кошка услышала) и три раза (чем сильно удивили кошку). Даже без инструкции понятно как и что настривается. Одна порция равна 3.5г. В розетку включили, время подачи и количество порций задали, голос записали и все. Кошка отреагировала сначала настороженно, но когда поняла, что это её обед, все недоверие отбросила))). Периодически пытается “выковырить” ещё порцайку)). Товаром и доставкой довольна. Посмотрим как долго прослужит.

  5. Demarcus Mcmullen

    Nice thing. It is very easy to adjust. We took the usual. 4 servings per day. Cat likes it.

  6. Coleen Dragon

    The goods ordered 4.07.2020, the courier brought 6.07.2020. Very fast delivery. Ordered from the Russian Federation. All the whole, everything works, would like the instruction in Russian language

  7. Moriya Masanobu

    My cats loved! And now can leave them alone with more confidence!

  8. Sarina Santos

    отличная кормушка, инструкции на русском нет, но она в принципе и не нужна, все просто и интуитивно настраивается, удобное приложение на телефоне с настройками порций и временем кормления. За 2 дня наблюдения сбоев в работе не было. Удобная вещь особенно если часто в разъездах. Доставка 5 дней в Нижний Новгород

  9. Kemberly Roza

    До Екатеринбурга за 6дней, всё цело, всё работает, интуитивно всё настроил, котяре понравилась.

  10. Marchelle Dowden

    Good auto-feeding, while tried several times. The cat is clearly interested. Although with delivery there were problems. The first time was ordered from China to the USA, ordered in April. In June order had to cancel, since the fun in the same status and judging by the letters to the seller, the parcel was not sent. Second time the parcel came quickly, somewhere in days 8, but it was ordered from the USA, naturally, it cost everything already more.

  11. Clarita Pursell

    С продавцом не общался. Доставили быстро. Вроде работает без нареканий. Немного больше насыпает, приблизительно на 0,5 гр на порции. Кошка сначала была в шоке, потом освоилась. Важен Размер корма. Большой будет застревать. Может работать либо от батареек, либо от сети. С подключением особо проблем не было. Все работает. Со временем дополню отзыв. Могу рекомендовать и товар и продавца.

  12. Daanyal Shepard

    Order from the Russian Federation, sooo quickly delivered. For 2 days!!! I advise, very cool feeder

  13. Joseph Garreau

    Excellent goods, works very well. I order the second time for friends. Everything came safe and sound. Fast. Recommend.

  14. Thibault Silvestre

    Заказывал из России, до Нижнего Новгорода 3 дня, куръером. все пришло все работает кот доволен. Брал самый обычный без wifi, настройки понятны, разобрался без инструкции, облегчел жизнь нам и коту, на выходные уезжаем на переживаем что кот голодный, плюс более сбалансированое питание, одинаковые порции в одинаковое время. Можно выставить только 4 раза в день, запись голоса нам безполезна так как кот бежит на звук падающего корма))

  15. Roderick Roth

    The model without a camera, the work was configured through the application. Can work from both the network and the batteries (but they need quite a lot). Feeds exactly as much and exactly as adjusted in the application. Now you can safely leave a cat, which will definitely not starve. 01.07 ordered, 07.07 delivered courier to the house

  16. Reiko Jeanlouis

    Thank you to the seller, sent very quickly, delivery is also very fast, sent 27.08.2020 received 11.09.2020, the track was tracked by China, there is no Ukraine, the feeder is simple in the settings. Feeds the puppy on schedule

  17. Verline Cordon

    Delivered in 4 days by courier. Everything suits, there are 4 time points per day, when you can assign feed. You can also record a voice. Works from yusb, or from 3 batteries

  18. Prudence Rodden

    I take the second feeder from this seller. Delivered by courier home, all very quickly. The first feeder works almost a year and does not fail. Solved the problem of our morning sleep. The cat is happy-we slept))) and you can go quietly on a day and not worry, that’s how hungry the tail is waiting for us. Application and instruction in English, but intuitively everything is clear, easy to understand. One time the app threw out, but the problem solved with the updated version. The wire is long, even if there is no outlet near, you can reach it. Take it will not regret it!

  19. Ira Forster

    Very good quality, easy to use, the app very intuitive and in Spanish. Good image quality to see the cat at home and excellent audio and microphone to talk to him when you’re not at home. I recommend your purchase at 100%. If you want your pet as usual at his time when you’re not home. Fast shipping. Good salesman.

  20. Lisabeth Brennen

    Product arrived in conformity, application good and excellent product.

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