3 In 1 dog toy – Entertain your dog for hours



Looking for a durable and enjoyable dog toy for your pups? This 3  in 1 dog toy is one of the best toys that is recommended to keep your dog happy and engaged for a long period of time.

Crafted from TPR food-grade products, non-toxic, environmentally sound, healthy, and harmless to your loved pet.
  1. Made from food-grade TPR materials, non-toxic environmentally friendly, safe, and harmless to your loved pet.
  2. Great bouncy: When threw the ball hits the ground, it will bounce high, suitable to play within the yard, home, park, or shore. It also does inspire pets’ hunting instinct to insanely chasing this ball, so it can better training pet agility.
  3. Multi-functional: It can be a play toy, it also can be teeth cleaning toy. Help to remove the plaque and tartar, reduce the breeding of bacteria, keep teeth clean, and freshen the breath.
  4. Soft texture designed to be safe for your dog’s gums
  5. With it, your little pet won’t bite the sofa and other furniture anymore.

Size: 40*10cm Note: Suitable for a dog less than 18Kg. Package includes 1x Pet Biting Toy

Red ball

size: 5cm


Light Blue, Pink, Dark Blue, V2 light blue, red ball, V2 rose, V2 Dark blue





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Chew Toys


Dog Toys

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