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Kong Box vs Barkbox Subscription boxes – The Ultimate Guide

If you were wondering how to save your shoes from your dog, or to give them a mood lift after separating them from their loved ones, then a Kong Box subscription box might be a great solution to consider. Even if you don’t have a specific problem to address, a box of toys and treats would only show your dog how much you love them.  

For those who have heard of Kong Box subscription boxes, and for those who haven’t, here’s a comprehensive analysis and a few other suggestions to help you make a purchasing decision. At the end of the review, we have compared Kong Box side by side with Bark Box.

Before we proceed to comparison we should know what is what.  Both Kong Box and Bark Box are popular among dog lovers, but how do they introduce themselves? What do they actually do? Let us discuss Kong Box first. Then the comparison will follow. We have a comprehensive review of the Bark Box here.

What is Kong Box?


Kong Box, to put it simply, is an assortment of Kong branded toys and treats for your dog. You can subscribe to receiving it for 6 or 12 months, or get it on a monthly basis.

You can choose what habits or character traits of your dog should be focused on with the content of the Kong Box subscription boxes. For example, if your dog chews everything around, then you can get a Kong Box that would include tough toys to keep them busy with what they love, but stop them from chewing your couch and the throw pillows.

Kong Box offers 3 subscription options, and you will be charged each month using the payment method you have registered with the company.  

Kong Box Subscription Solutions

Kong Box addresses several behavioral and personality traits of a dog. You can subscribe to receive a Kong Box curated to address the behavioral aspect, or curated for just love and fun.

  • Chewing
  • Digging and Barking
  • Boredom
  • Teething
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Weight Management
  • Crate Training
  • None

You may select any of the above solutions to receive content curated for the purpose. Selecting option “None” will send you a random collection of high-quality toys and treats.

How does Kong Box subscription box work?

Buying a Kong Box is easy. It doesn’t ask you to fill in your card details until you reach the payment stage. Here’s how it works.

Enter your dog’s name. And then describe them.

All you have to do is choose the appropriate categories in each section. Your dog’s age, build size, and a few other details so that the Kong staff can customize the box to suit your pet.

Choose a subscription plan.

You can subscribe to a 6 month or 12 month plan. These plans are further customizable to get a box delivered every month or every other month.

Await the arrival of your Kong Box subscription box.

Kong Box assures that the box leaves their premises within 48 hours from confirmation of your order, and they stick to their promise. Usually, you can expect the box to arrive within 7 days although occasionally it could be up to 10 days.

What is to remember while ordering a Kong Box?

Kong Box subscription is set to renew automatically. Therefore remember that the card you attach at registration will be used to make future payments unless you change the settings manually.

Subscription for a longer period would bring down the price of a box. For example, a Month-to-Month box would cost you $49.95/box whereas 6 Boxes would be $44.95/box.

Look for coupons and promotions, and special offers for first-time buyers of Kong Box subscription boxes for dogs.

Pricing of Kong Box

Kong Box offers 3 subscription plans.

12 Box Subscription$39.95 / boxSaves 25%
6 Box Subscription$44.95 / boxSaves 12%
Month to Month billing$49.95 / boxRegular Price

All subscriptions are charged on a per box basis before shipping each box. Please refer Cancellation section for relevant fees.

Kong Box as a gift

You can gift a Kong Box to another dog. There are two options to send a Kong Box as a gift.

  • Buy the Kong Box and enter the gift receiver’s delivery address.
  • Gift a coupon for a friend to redeem when they buy a Kong Box subscription.

Unboxing Kong Box

What is in the Kong Box?

Every Kong Box contains:

  • one KONG Rubber Toy
  • one KONG non-rubber toy
  • three KONG treats
  • helpful training tips
  • a KONG recipe card
  • one free KONG Classic toy – only in the first box

As I have already mentioned, all items are chosen based on your dog’s details furnished during registration. Toughness, flavors, allergies, and all other features depend on the initial sign up details.

Are the items value for money?

Our answer to this question should be discussed in detail. Firstly, why do you want to buy a subscription box from a reputed company when you can buy a gift box from a random shop? The answer is “the quality.”

With several competitors in the subscription dog gift box market, each company has a reputation to lose or keep. Kong Box quality has been a main reason for their great share in the market, and their reputation.

The rubber toy included in the Kong Box subscription gift box is tough and long lasting, and unlike many other random dog toys, the rubber does not wear away easily, nor does it make the chewing uncomfortable. Do not forget that they include a classic Kong toy free in the first month’s Kong Box.

The Kong treats are well thought out products, and their quality is above average. Kong treats are able to stimulate dogs and keep them happy. They fit right into the toys, especially the Kong classic, which is one of the most versatile god toys ever made.

Kong branded toys are manufactured in the USA while other items are sourced from partners across the world. Kong Box offers the “extreme chewer” option to select if your dog is a tougher chewer that needs harder toys.

The training tips, however, are sometimes available elsewhere too such as on YouTube and other dog training websites. The internet is full of tips and tricks to handle any dog-related training problem, and most of those materials are freely available. Having said that, the tips that come in the Kong boxes are very much useful for a dog owner, and they are customized based on the dog’s details provided at registration.

The recipe card is also useful but again, you may find similar recipes on specialty websites for dog lovers. Having said that, I found the recipe cards and training tips great collectibles. A printed material is still fun to have, although the internet has become the most popular way to impart knowledge.

Although the items included in the Kong Box are value for money you are highly advised to compare Kong Box toys with other available brands to choose the best for your dog’s needs.

Return, Refund, Cancellation, and Renewal

Kong Box Return Policy

Kong Box subscription box return policy states that they would accept an unopened box. Although they assure a full refund, any return shipping must be borne by the sender which means, depending on the value of the box, it may not be a good idea to send a box back if shipping is higher than the value of the box. Hence their recommendation is that you keep the box or gift it to another dog.

If you still need to return a Kong Box then you must ship it back to:

Borderless Distribution


2475 Wright Blvd ste 103,

Hebron, KY 41048

If the box has been opened, then it will not be accepted as clearly mentioned in the Kong Box return policy.

Kong Box Refund Policy

You have the option to receive a refund or a replacement box for any box that goes missing during shipping, or a wrong box received or returning an unopened box.

Kong Box Satisfaction Guarantee

Kong Box would replace either the whole box or the item that you are not happy with. Kong Box staff would look into the matter and provide the best solution to make you happy. It’s important to remember that replacement is awarded only for allergy-related problems and damaged or destroyed items. All issues should be communicated to Kong Box within 60 days of receipt.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of the Kong Box subscription is possible.

Subscription typeCancellation Fee
Monthly subscriptions (Month-to-Month box)Free of charge
6 Box subscription$19.95
12 Box subscription$24.95

To be clear, if you buy a box monthly without committing to a pre-defined plan, then you can cancel it without a fee. But if you have purchased a 6 box or 12 box subscription, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Then why a fee for a subscription plan if there’s no cancellation for a monthly purchase?

The answer is that the pricing of 6 or 12 box plan is much lower than the monthly purchase.  For example, a Kong Box subscription box would cost you $39.95 if you purchase the 12 month subscription. But the month-to-month cost of the same box would be $49.55.

Therefore our advice is if you just need to check out what’s in the box or the quality of the merchandise, then buy the monthly plan. But if you are confident that you need a box more than once, then buy a 6 or 12 month subscription.

How to Cancel Kong Box subscription?

For some reason, if you have decided to part ways with Kong Box then you can do so by sending them an email, or by calling them.

Email them your subscription details to and let them know that you need to cancel the subscription.

Alternatively, you can call them at 888-991-5664 with your request, and follow their instructions. You can reach them 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays.

There are many online services that would undertake to cancel your subscription on behalf of you, but directly contacting them will shorten the wait time, and will also save your money. Most importantly, doing it yourself will save you from phishing scams. Cancelling a subscription is not rocket science after all.

Can you pause a box?

Kong Box allows you to pause your next box at any time. All you have to do is contact support at and let them know your requirement. This is extremely useful when you go on vacation or are unable to receive deliveries at your shipping address submitted to Kong Box.

Renewal of Kong Box subscription

One thing we have been reminding you is that the subscription is set to auto-renew when you register yourself for a plan. Therefore please make sure that your payment methods are what you want to be there in the Kong Box account. That would prevent unnecessary delays and frustrations.

Kong Box Discounts and Coupons

Anyone loves a discount or a coupon code. Kong Box knows that, and they do offer a few bonus gifts or discounts at times.

You can redeem a coupon at the checkout by entering the code in the payment summary pane of the customer information page.


All cancellation or other issue related matters should be forwarded to
 within 60 days of receipt of the item in order to receive a refund or a replacement.

Pros and Cons of Kong Box

High quality items Different chewing strengths Billing individual boxes before shipping Food allergy options Cancellation possible Satisfaction guaranteeCannot add extra toys No discount for multi-dog households Subscription renews automatically No shipping outside the US

What is Kong Box known for?

Priced slightly higher than competitors, Kong Box subscription box has been a leader in the field for many years. There’s hardly a dog lover who doesn’t know about the Kong toy. A mystery known only to dogs themselves, the toy has been a favorite among all types of dogs.

The classic Kong toy allows your dog friend to play with, chew, or suck food from, and yet never gets old. Kong toys are the chosen favorites among dog trainers, vets, and other professionals and experts of canine affairs.  

As we have mentioned elsewhere, the classic Kong is one of the most versatile toys ever made. And the Kong Box team knows how to create perfectly matching toys and treats that positively affect a dog’s behavior.

Kong toys and treats have been the favorite choice of dog owners and enthusiasts who are not prepared to compromise quality to cut down the cost.

Is Kong Box suitable for all dogs?

The general answer is, yes. However, when it comes to food allergies their options are limited. To be honest, they have many allergies but you can choose only one of them. Therefore make sure you check with them if your dog’s allergy concerns are addressed in the Kong Box before you commit to purchase their subscription.

Apart from the allergy matters, Kong Box contains articles that are of high quality and enjoyable by all dogs, provided you have declared the right size and other details of your dog at registration.

Kong Box toys and treats selection criteria are limited, though, as shown in the section below. Although the breed and size are required at registration, breed-specific character traits may still require slightly different solutions.

Kong Box dog classification criteria

Kong Box uses Age, Breed, and Size to narrow down the content to include in your dog’s box. It’s noteworthy, however, that the Breed and Size are the same filters.


Puppy – Less than 6 months old

Adult – 6 months to 7 years old

Senior – older than 7 years

Breeds and sizes:

Petite– Less than 20lbs

Shi Tzu, Pomeranian etc.

Mid-Sized – 20 – 35lbs

Beagle, Cocker Spaniel etc.

Huge – 30 – 65lbs

Pitbull, Border Collie etc.

Colossal – More than 60lbs

Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, etc.

Alternatives for Kong Box

The competition for supremacy in subscription dog boxes is fierce which is a good thing for the dog lover. The following list of alternatives to Kong Box would help you find the best subscription box that would come closest to your expectations. You will find Kong Box vs Bark Box comparison later on in this article.

 Price per box
BarkBoxFrom $23
PupJoyFrom $25.99
PupBoxFrom $29
BullymakeFrom $31
VetPet BoxFrom $35.99
Wag Well BoxFrom $31
BoxDogFrom $35

What is Bark Box?

Bark Box is a subscription box of gifts for dogs. As the company mentions on their official website, “A box of dog joy delivered monthly from the dog-obsessed Bark family” It can be customized to suit your dog’s likes or habits, and it has many other customizations too. A close competitor to Kong Box, it’s recommended you compare both before making a decision.

Kong Box vs Barkbox Comparison

 Kong BoxBark Box
12 months$39.95$26
6 months$44.95$23
Discounts for multi-dog householdsNoYes
Cancellation fee  
Month to monthFreeFree
12 month subscription$19.95Free (cancels from following month)
6 month subscription$24.95Free (cancels from following month)
Contents2 toys(1 rubber, 1 non rubber), 3 treats, training tips, recipe card2 toys, 2 treats, and 1 chew
Allergies optionsOne option only. Beef, Chicken, Pork, Dairy, Gluten/Grain, or Peanut Butterbeef, chicken, or turkey
Satisfaction guarantee60 daysNo time limits
ReplacementsYes. Within 60 daysYes
ShippingWithin 50 states. Shipped within 48 hours. Delivered within 7 – 10 days.  Free shipping.US and Canada. Free shipping to contiguous 48 states. 8$ per box to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii.
Extra toysCannot be addedCan be added
Monthly Bonus itemsYesNo

Above comparison table shows that both brands have their pros and cons, although Kong Box has more limitations than the Bark Box. Kong Box subscription box price is slightly higher than the Bark Box, and Kong Box has a cancellation fee if you decide to discontinue their service.

Both Kong Box and BarkBox offer replacement items for damaged toys and treats. Kong Box however, has a limit of 60 days while Bark Box has no time limits as to when you can exchange a defective or damaged item.

Another decision-swaying feature could be the ability to add toys to your subscription box. Bark Box allows you to add extra items while Kong Box does not allow it. On the other hand, Kong Box offers you monthly mystery bonus items.

Both subscription dog boxes offer free shipping within the United States, but Bark Box ships their boxes to Canada for an additional $8. Apart from that difference, shipping is more or less the same.

What is Kong Box good for? And what is Bark Box good for?

Kong BoxBark Box
Tougher toysCheaper than Kong Box
High quality productsAdd more toys and treats
Recipes and TipsDiscounts for multi dog households
Seasonal bonusThemes to choose from


In a competition where multiple variable matter in decision making, it is really hard to declare a clear winner. However, if you are looking for more flexibility and a lower cost, then evidently Bark Box is what you are looking for. Bark Box also offers a discounted price for multi-dog households.

But if it is the quality of merchandise that really matters, then Kong Box may have a slight edge here. But again, that’s not to mean that Bark Box is inferior in anyway.

Considering all the facts, Bark Box stands a little bit higher in this comparison of Kong Box vs Bark Box. But make sure that you decide the winner by comparing the features that are important to you, considering your dog’s needs.

The Kong Box vs Bark Box comparison shows how closely these companies compete in the subscription dog box competition, and we hope that you would choose wisely in getting a subscription for your dog.

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