Interesting Things About Dogs You Need To Know Today

interesting things about dogs you need to know today

Dogs are arguably man’s best friend from the beginning of our known history. They have acted as our partners in all kinds of conditions. Some act as our security guards, others act as lifeguards, dog guides for the blind others as anxiety relievers to various humans. Here are some interesting facts about dogs you should know today!

Some Interesting Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Dogs possess a well-developed sense of energy. It has been shown that they will be able to tell the difference between 60 minutes and many. Brainwashed dogs may, for example, foresee occurrences such as the moment when something unexpected is going to happen.
  2. Your dog can be as intelligent as a two-year-old! Is it possible that the puppies are the new members of the family, and the youngsters feel an incredibly close relationship with them? It might be because they’ll have around 300 phrases and gestures in common and communicate this way for better efficiency.
  3. According to studies from the University of California, your dog might quickly come to experience envy if they witness their owner demonstrate an interest in anything else besides them.
  4. Dachshunds were originally bred for the purpose of combating badgers. Citizens of Russia had found how to navigate Moscow’s complicated subway system, thanks to some stray puppies that had learned how to ride the system’s mazy ways and get off at certain stations searching for food.
  5. Your puppy can scent out your innermost thoughts. While your dog’s scent sense is almost 100,000 times greater than yours, this is not how you usually measure these things. This means it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that some dogs can perceive scents, such as dread. Humans get afraid when confronted with anything new, and this causes them to sweat. A dog, on the other hand, will be able to readily know of these bodily changes.
  6. The role that Newfoundland dogs play an important role in becoming lifeguards. This their water-resistant layers and webbed toes show this.
  7. Dalmatian pups are all-white when they are born, and they develop their spots later on.
  8. Doggie petting is a good way to help the physical and emotional well-being of both you and your pet. Studies show that petting your dog for a quarter of an hour can decrease blood pressure by 10%, aid in combating feelings of anxiety, melancholy, and isolation, and assist in warding off feelings of loneliness.
  9. Dogs have moist noses because the wetness assists in the absorption of scent chemical components.
  10. A famous Australian dog, Bluey, is included in the Guinness Book of World Records as the planet’s oldest puppy, having lived to 20 years and five months. It turns out that Bluey survived being 29 decades and five weeks old and having been born from 1910 to 1939.
  11. The fact that dogs are taught to locate cancer, and other disorders within people is significant regarding human medical discovery. Tumors and other cancerous tissues generate various metabolic waste materials than the healthy cells in our body. Worried pet owners have long sought ways to identify tumors in their dogs and, more recently, cancers in people.
  12. Of the three puppies that survived the Titanic sinking in 1912, two were male, and one was female. Two Pomeranians, as well as a Pekingese: all come from high-grade cabins.
  13. Do you have a puppy that is feeling restless due to separation anxiety? You may want to leave behind some of your pet’s favorite outfits if you go on a long trip. Clothing that a person has worn has the scent of that person and has been demonstrated to help reduce the anxiety felt by dogs in the process of a divorce.
  14. When your puppy is carefully determining the best area to do their task, it’s because they have decided to poop in conformity with all of the Earth’s permanent magnet fields.
  15. All pups are born deaf. When they become adults, they begin to better perceive sounds that they would not have been able to perceive when they were children.
  16. Puppies do not perspire; instead, they will pant to allow them to keep cool on their own.
  17. As most strays who end up in shelters are pets who have no home, a higher percentage of them are due to mistaken identity. Additionally, the Fourth of July is a busy time for dog shelters since a large number of canines lose their way during that holiday due to being terrified of fireworks or chasing after other animals.
  18. While theobromine, an ingredient found in chocolate, is one of the most powerful stimulants for dogs, it may be lethal to dogs if consumed in large quantities. Some dogs cannot metabolize theobromine, which may lead to a considerable accumulation of the poisonous compound inside their bodies that may be deadly.
  19. Maltese dogs do not shed, which means they are the ideal dogs for anyone with allergies.
  20. As a matter of fact, 45% of dogs sleep inside their owners’ beds.
  21. It is a unique characteristic of a dog’s nasal print to be the same as that of a human fingerprint.
  22. Using the sense of smell of a bloodhound may prove or incriminate the guilty party in a court of law. Hounds have the ability to track old scent trails. Hounds can trace even older scent trails, even if they have been dormant for over three months.
  23. A fun fact for guys who are dog lovers, if you have a dog beside you, you have three times better chance of getting a girls number than if you did not have mans best companion beside you. How about that to help you change your attitude towards dogs.


Undoubtedly, dogs are one of the most important human partners. They are particularly helpful in law enforcement, the military, and bomb squads. This means that, although accompanying people in the most dangerous of environments, they remain calm and well-behaved. While other animals would be in a frightened state, they maintain their composure. Having such a wonderful alliance makes them our most important accomplices.

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