How to teach any dog to come back when you call him or her

teach a dog to listen

For any dog ​​owner, there is no worse feeling than releasing him in the park or during his walk and that he runs away without returning when we call him. The key to avoiding these situations is to get used to the dog that comes to your side from a puppy, but also, you can follow this step guide in which we explain how to teach the dog to come back when you call him.

Training dog to come back with treats

If you let go of your dog and you see that he never comes back when you call him, either because he runs away or simply walks away and leaves you without paying attention to you, it is because perhaps there is a communication failure with the dog. You may have become accustomed to letting him go to play with other dogs in the park while you talk to the other owners and only call him when you want to go home. The dog cannot then develop a communicative bond with you to understand that he must answer your call.

Teaching dog with a tennis ball

Steps to teach the dog to come back when you call him

  1. From puppy, we have to let the dog get used to walking next to us, and even behind us, either tied or loose. For this, the key is to take with us a reward that the dog can sniff, and that will continue until the dog gets used to staying by our side.
  2. The key to answering our call is the same. You can let go of your dog, let him play and run, and then call him. The moment he comes for you, you will have to reward him so that he understands that this is precisely what he must do.
  3. On the other hand, when you start releasing your dog and see that it moves away, you will see how from time to time, he turns or looks for you with his eyes. That is the communicative link to which we referred. He is looking for you to know if he should return to your side.
  4. That’s when you must call him and get him back. You can call him by his name, or you can offer him a prize by saying “Take it!”.
  5. In the case that your dog does not obey, you should never run after the dog even when you escape through the park. You should not run desperately after him because the only thing you will get is to encourage your pet to keep running, and he will continue to run faster and faster.
  6. There is a “trick” so that the dog does not escape and always returns to your side, which consists of running in the opposite direction to the one he is running. In this way, the dog understands that you master the “game” and that he is the one who should chase you and not vice versa.
  7. On the other hand, you should never release the dog in an open field or through the streets of the city if he is not used to going loose. First, you must start in enclosed places, such as a park or entertainment area for dogs or perhaps on the terrace or even at home.
  8. Finally, we will tell you that although the ideal is to accustom the dog to answer your call from a puppy, if he is already an adult and you intend to teach him, you have to try to do it when there are no distractions (like other dogs) and above all reward him at all times when the dog pays attention.

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