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How to Make Dog Crates Look Nice: A Step-by-Step Guide

Your dog crate may not be fancy like your bedroom furniture, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look nice. There are many ways to give a dog crate the furniture treatment and you don’t have to spend much money for the change in looks.

In this article, you will learn 10 different ways how to make dog crates look nice.

1. Cover a Crate With a Slipcover To Make the Dog crate look nice

Covers for crates can be a great way to make them look so much better and more appealing. Nowadays, the most common cover is a slipcover because they offer an affordable and simple solution.

Slipcovers are also easy to put on or remove without removing anything else in your home or office! When it comes time for clean-up, you don’t have any stitches that need taking out of fabric either. They come in different styles as well; some with zippers, others with pockets all over the place.

Just choose what suits your individual needs best! Check out these collections of Slipcover that would make your dog crate look very beautiful.

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2. Integrate the Dog Crate Into an Island – It would look so good as a furniture crate

If you have a medium or large dog, an integrated dog crate under a kitchen island might be the more practical option for you. This way your pet is not confined to one area of the house and can roam around freely with all of his/her necessities easily within reach at any point in time.

The small space that was once occupied by your countertop will now become home to your dog as a built-in doghouse! You’ll still find yourself able to use this space as it would typically fit into most kitchens today.

Your crate will be a permanent fixture in your home, so it is important to make it look as nice as possible.

3. Build a Crate Into Your Decor To Make It Look Good

Many people are not aware of the versatility that a dog crate has for decorating. The truth is, it can be used as part of your décor to add personality and whimsy to any room in your home. If you want something with a more utilitarian look, try building around the kennel or leaving a roll-down fabric shade.

Build a customized dog crate into your decor to add personality and elegance. Choose colors, textures, and materials that are unique to you the options are endless!

Check out how to build a dog crate that looks like furniture or you can buy one online, check out the latest deal on beautiful dog crates in the market today.

4. Build In a Kennel With Farmhouse Flair

In order to give a kennel the farmhouse style, use beadboard on the inside and outside of its walls with flea-market finds like a decorative floor grate. Adding a cushion creates a cozy roost for your best furry friend to sleep in while giving your kennel some character.

End table kennels are great for apartment dwellers or anyone living in cramped quarters since they can be built in many different ways but all follow similar steps so that it is easy enough even someone who has never made one before can figure out how to make their own!

5. Give a Crate the Furniture Treatment To Make It Look lovely

One other way is by replacing its top with something such as wood tops or a piece of plywood, which will make your pet’s home feel more comfortable and safe. Other changes include getting them a crate cover for their crates so they’re protected and feel cozy.

Paint: You can also paint the dog crate to match your interior design. If you decide to use paint for this part of the project, don’t forget about ventilation! Letting out all those fumes from any kind of painting project is necessary before your dog dwells in it to prevent illness.

6. Buy beautiful dog crates that look nice

These crates can be used as pieces of furniture in any home; some even look chic and fancy like a piece of end table furniture. To make your home appear nicer without spending any extra money or time painting or decorating your old crate just replace it with nice designed-looking end table furniture!

Here are really good collections of Dog crates that look like furniture.

7. Integrate a Kennel into a Window Seat

When designing a window seat, you have the option of either installing an entire kennel or integrating one into your design. The first option is best for small dogs that are able to be contained in a crate while providing maximum convenience and space efficiency. These types of options may seem like they would not work well with larger animals, but there are actually many ways to make them look nice as well.

The style chosen should be in line with the rest of the room’s aesthetic for example, if you were putting up shelves across from your wall then choose colors that match those shelf lines so everything matches seamlessly without looking awkward at all!

8. Build a Bench That can be used Also As a Kennel

A bench can be used as a great means for creating an indoor kennel since it keeps pets safe while looking natural in any room. You’ll find this type of design useful when you want something soft and sturdy enough to accommodate both large and small breeds alike without taking up too much space!

A bench is an ideal choice for creating your own kennel or crate. It should provide enough space for your dog to lie down as well as allow them to play peacefully. If you want, it could even double up as seating when guests come over!

A dog crate made out of a bench is an ingenious idea, especially for someone who has limited space. Because this build is so versatile and useful, it could be great for your home or office. Whether you want to use the crates as furniture in another room or make a pet kennel that doubles as seating, these ideas are all worth considering when looking for ways to make a dog crate look nice.

9. Convert a Cabinet into a Crate

You can turn an existing cabinet into a perfect pet crate by drilling two holes in the back and attaching hardware like doorknobs on each side you could even add some curtain or tie-backs! The best part about this approach is that it’s free!

First, make sure your cabinet is spacious enough with plenty of airflow so that your pet will be happy when they are inside. Then take out all unnecessary items from within the cabinets before making them into kennels (if necessary).

If not already taken out then remove any molding around doors or drawers as well because these things may inhibit access for dogs who would prefer crawling through instead. Next measure where exactly you want both doorways on either side of the cabinet so remember how wide they should be before cutting them out. Lastly, screw the hardware into place and you will have a perfect dog crate!

10. Use live plants

One other way to make your dog’s crate look nicer is by adding some live plants. Live plants can help promote a sense of calm around the space and provide natural air-filtering benefits, much like a house plant would in your own home. Plants should be safe for dogs, but keep them out of reach just in case and avoid putting any leaves or flowers that could potentially cause an allergic reaction on top of the crates themselves.


We hope this article helped you learn more about dog crates and how to make them look nice. We want your home to look nice, and having a crate doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the appearance of your home. There are many ways that you can do this, and we hope that you will be able to make your home look as great as you want it to.

Thank you for reading. We are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this! Let us what you think about the article by leaving a comment below.