How long is a pregnancy for dogs?

Here you will discover how long pregnancy for dogs lasts for and a dog pregnancy calculator to help you determine when your dog due date is. To answer the question, dogs are pregnant for about 63 days from the day of ovulation, which is determined from when your dog mates with another dog.

Female dog pregnancy can begin labor from day 55 to 66 from the date of mating, so it is always a good idea to be prepared well before the due date, so you do not get any surprises. We encourage you to take your dog to the vets for a check-up and advice.

How long is a dog pregnancy in months

Dog pregnancy lasts typically for 63 days, and when converted to months, a dog is pregnant for two months, two days. This conversion of dog pregnancy to months is determined by multiplying 63 days by 0.0328, and the result is 2.0696 months. You can use our dog calculator to determine the due date of a dog here 

How long is female dog pregnancy

Female dog pregnancy can last up to 63 days. To find out the due date for a dog, you can use a dog whelping calculator which shows the exact calendar date your dog will conceive.

Doggy pregnancy calculator

Want to know the calendar day your doggy will give birth? Use the dog pregnancy calculator below to find out what day, month, or year your dog will conceive.

The dog due date calculator is straightforward to use, and you will only need to know the day your dog first mated.

How to use the doggy pregnancy calculator

1. Select a date that your dog mated

2. Click the “Calculate” button

3. The due date calendar will be displayed just below the “Calculate” button

4. Now you should know roughly when your doggy will give birth. We wish you all the best.

If you are not sure when the due date might be then we encourage you to take your paw to the vet and find out the due date

Doggy pregnancy calculator


Expected due date:

Dog pregnancy symptoms

Not sure if your dog is pregnant? We have listed the most common symptoms that will help you know if your dog is pregnant or not, see below:

  1. Increase in appetite
  2. Decrease in energy
  3. Swollen nipples
  4. Behavioral changes.

Visit your vet

If you think your dog is pregnant, please take your dog to the vet to confirm and get appropriate advice from a veterinary. We recommend regular veterinary visits to help your dog stay healthy during pregnancy.