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Dog Teething Toys – Only the best toys for your pup

The problem of dog teething and the resulting sore gums is a very common problem for many dog owners. While there are many different dog toothbrushes and many different dog toys which claim to help, it can be a confusing task to find the right one for your dog. In this blog, we will take a look at the top-rated dog teething toys and toothbrushes on the market today.

Top five best toys for teething dogs

1. Peteast-3 Squeaky Toys and 3 Rope Dog Toys, No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Fox Raccoon Squirrel, Puppy Chew Teething Rope Toys

sqeaky toys and 3 rope dog toys

This is a multifunctional dog chewing set suitable for all ages and types of dogs. It has three cute squeaky toys that will always attract your dogs and a rope dog toy essential for cleaning their teeth. Another crucial point to note is that these toys are not stuffed and thus, are incredibly safe for all sizes and ages of dogs. No matter how many times the dog chews on them, be sure that their teeth are safe since no hard stuffing items are used in the toys.

On the other hand, the rope is made with non-toxic material to make sure that your dog is not ingesting any form of poison. For hygiene purposes, you can clean these toys in a machine washer.

2. Nocciola 5 PCS Dog Squeaky Toys with Double Layer Reinforced Fabric, Durable Plush Dog Toys

nocciola 5 pcs dog squeaky toys

This is another quality teething set to get for your puppy that is teething. The set is packed with different animals that are not stuffed to ensure your dog’s teeth are safe. Each animal toy produces a different squeaky sound every time the dog bites on it a great deal to attract the dog or dogs to them.

The toys have various sizes ranging from small to large, such that if you have more than one dog of different sizes, they can share. The materials consist of ultra-soft plush fabric, making them cuddly enough for dogs to snuggle up to for naps.

3. Dog Chew Toys for Puppies Teething, Super Value 14 Pack Puppy Toys for Small Dog Toys

dog chew toys for puppies teething super value 14 pack

Is your dog starting to teeth? Well, you need to consider getting this set of chew toys. I love this dog chewing set because it has more than one type of toy. It consists of 14 different types of toys that your dog can chew on and play with. Be sure these toys will keep your dog entertained when bored in the house, clean their teeth( since there are chewy ropes), and even train your dog in barking as the toys produce squeaky sounds with every bite.

Note that although these toys are meant for small dogs, they feature a standard size so your puppy cannot swallow them. The stuffing is also safe to secure their teeth from injuries.

4. UPlama 5 PCS Carrot Dog Teething Toys

uplama 5 pcs carrot dog teething toys

These cute carrot toys help your dog when teething while still helping clean their teeth and keep them busy when playing. They are made with pure cotton rope materials dyed with food-grade dyes; hence, no toxic are available to ensure your puppy’s safety. The fact that the toys are made with cotton materials means that you can clean them when they get dirty.

these teething carrot toys are neatly knitted, they are also solid and gentle to your dog’s teeth for their comfort and safety.

5. Nylabone Puppy Chew Toys for Teething Puppies

nylabone puppy chew toys for teething puppies

Make sure your puppy is chewing something healthy and safe for their teeth by getting this puppy chew toy. This chew toy is made with plastic materials that are also quite soft and comfortable to the dog’s teeth. So, even if the dog chews on the toy for a longer or regular basis, the teeth are purely safe. Besides, the toy helps the dog stay entertained since it can play with it.

Can dogs break teeth on stuffed chew toys?

Although dogs have strong teeth, some stuffed chew toys can easily break their teeth. The primary teeth affected in such conditions are the upper premolar teeth, also called carnassial teeth. These are the teeth that bear the highest chewing force, and in the case where the dog forces them on complex objects, they can easily fracture. Some of the chew objects that can harm dogs are rigid objects like; bones, antlers, hard nylon chew toys, ice cubes if you give them to your dog, or generally anything hard as stone.

Therefore, to answer our questions, the stuffing in the stuffed chew toy will determine if it is safe or not for your dog’s teeth. As we have mentioned on our list, the stuffed toys with hard nylon materials or Nylabones can easily break the dog’s teeth.

Are there dog toys for teething that can be refrigerated?

Yes, some dog chew toys like long toys can be kept in the freezer. These are fun toys since you can fill them with dog treats and freeze them. So, your dog will extract the juiciness of its favorite foods every time it is chewing, which ends up encouraging it more to use the toy.

Are rope toys good for dogs’ teeth?

Yes, if you are looking for toys that can cleanse your dog’s teeth, rope toys are the best. The threads knotted ropes act as floss such that every time the dog grinds the teeth in between the threads, their teeth get cleaned. These are some of the toys where the dog can get their teeth through up to the gun area, which may end up massaging the dog’s gums too. Some experts have reported that the rope chew toys help the dog get rid of food particles stuck on their teeth.

Is it safe for a dog to eat plastic toys for its teeth?

Of course, it boils down to the texture of the plastic. As we mentioned earlier, extra hard plastic toys are pretty harmful to the dog’s teeth and may damage their teeth. So, if you are buying plastic chew toys for your dog, make sure it is soft plastic.

Can dogs damage teeth on chew toys?

Chew dog toys are pretty important in helping the dogs when chewing, cleaning their teeth, massaging their gums, and even killing boredom as dogs can play with them. But, any toy made with hard stuffing like hard plastics is quite harmful.

Are rubber toys safe for dogs’ teeth?

Yes, the most recommendable chew toys for dogs are the models made with solid rubber and nylon materials that can withstand dog biting without tearing.

Dog chew toy that brushes teeth

1. Dog Toothbrush Toy for Dog Teeth Cleansing, Dog Toothbrush Stick for Dental Care

dog toothbrush toy for dog teeth cleansing dog toothbrush stick

First off, this toy is quite a comfortable toy since it has a flat base such that you can stick it to the ground for your dog to use. It has unique molar bumps essential for brushing different sizes of dog’s teeth.

2. Dog Chew Toys Dog Toothbrush Stick Teeth Cleaning Brush Dental for Small Medium Large Dog, Rubber Dog Squeaky Toys

dog chew toys dog toothbrush stick teeth cleaning brush

This chew toy is recommendable for aggressive chewing dogs since it has quality materials construction that does not easily tear. It has a quirky sound that will keep the dog entertained too. The thorn-like features help to clean dog teeth for every bite it makes.

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