Dog and child: 9 good reasons to have a dog

Dog And Boy Laying On A Carpet

Having a dog at home is a unique experience for children. And for a good reason, 9 out of 10 children cite their pet as a full member of their family. Be careful; however, this must be a decision and educational commitment on the part of both parents. You should also know that taking care of an animal is not innate, and it is a learning process that takes place little by little.

Your child will be more responsible.

Teach Your Child To Be Responsive

Suddenly, the child is in charge of a living being, and their whole life is overturned in new schedules and routines. Dogs help children to take responsibility and to structure their personality.

Your child will feel loved

Your Child Will Feel Loved

An animal that loves you will always be there for you and will protect you or warn you of all the dangers. However, this goes much further than security issues. Some animals can detect, among other things:

  • Hypoglycemia,
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Cancer
  • Narcolepsy
  • Seizure
  • Fear and stress

They are an extraordinary company

Boy Cuddling A Dog On A Field

Dogs do not speak, but only with their presence, your child feels accompanied. Kids can play with them, walk, lie down and do nothing. Impossible to feel alone!

The child learns to be obeyed.

Little Girl Giving A Dog A Kiss

Whether it is during walks, games, or tours that your child can teach his companion.

Having a dog is good for the mind.

Boy Stroking A Dogs Hair

Having a dog is great for the mind! A real source of self-confidence, the advantage of animals, is that they do not judge. They love us, no matter who we are. It is invaluable for children, especially during periods of doubt because the child will become aware of its ability to make a dog happy! Beyond that, the dog will secure and calm the child, which facilitates the development of communication and the attention of others.

And for fitness!

Little One Chasing A Dog

When your child runs with his dog, he not only spends himself but also enjoys the outdoors. And it will be a great start for kids to have a healthy fitness routine.

A dog is an emotional relay.

Boy Cuddling A Dog On The Field

Pets have many advantages, this is no longer to be proven. A dog can quickly take the place of an emotional relay for children who feel different: in school trouble, early, sick, disabled, or even introverted. For all children who have difficulty expressing themselves with others, it becomes easier with an animal. This is equivalent for teenagers when dialogue becomes difficult with parents.

A dog is good for socializing.

Little One Sitting With A Dog

Having a pet creates lots of commonalities and helps children make friends more easily.

The child learns more about the life cycle.

Kid Playing With A Dog

The child can attend all stages of life thanks to his doggie. From the gestation period of the dog to the birth of the young until the inevitable death of the animal. The child will understand that he then needs a period of mourning, an open door to engage this subject there with him, delicate but important. Children who have experienced the loss of a pet understand grief and are stronger when they, unfortunately, face it again.

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