Do Dogs Really Smile? The Truth Revealed

Do Dogs Really Smile

Smiles and laughter are not exclusive gestures of people. Dogs laugh too, experts say. Who has not ever had the feeling that a dog or a cat was smiling at him? This article explains how and when a dog laughs and how to distinguish this peculiar and beautiful canine smile in a happy animal.

Do dogs laugh?

Dog And Owner Laughing

A dog is not only able to be happy and show it with energetic movements of its tail. The dog also knows how to laugh and can show off his peculiar smile almost from ear to ear, experts say. Many emotions that were thought exclusive to humans have their replica in animals

Love, communication, understanding of the feelings of others. Little by little, many emotions that were believed exclusive to people have been found among animals. And the smile of the dogs is one of them. Whether the exact equivalent of human laughter or not, it is a gesture with which the dog communicates his feelings of happiness.

The smile gesture of the dog is very similar to that produced by the face of a happy person. The angle of the mouth becomes more pronounced and stretches almost from ear to ear.

A dog’s laugh is easier to see when the animal plays with someone who loves him and treats him with love; also when he has a good time in the company of other furry friends.

How do dogs laugh?

How Do Dogs Laugh

The laugh of the dog has attracted the attention of numerous researchers. One of them is canine behaviour expert Patricia Simonet, from the University of Sierra Nevada, in the USA. The ethologist went to the parks to record the laughter of the dogs while playing and having fun with other congeners.

What did she discover?

Dog Laughing With Tongue Out
“For an untrained human ear, the dog’s laugh would emit a sound similar to a hhuh, hhuh, ” says Simonet.

The tapes were heard by a group of 15 puppies. The surprise was capital to see the reaction: the little ones exploded with joy just by listening to the sounds of the laughter of other dogs.

The positive impact of the laughter of other furry companions has been used in some shelters and adoption centres. Also, in these cases, the happy sounds of the dog improve the mood: they reduce the stress of dogs that have suffered abandonment and are waiting for a home.

Doggy humor

Dog Unique Smile

The veterinarian Nicolas Dodman, director of the department of animal behaviour of the University of Tufts in Massachusetts (USA) goes even further. This scientist says that the dog is not only able to smile but also has its own sense of humor.

Studies of the facial expression of the canine face reveal when a dog smiles and is happy. The images allow us to notice the mouth of the dog curves to outline its particular smile.

In short, although unanimity is hard to achieve among the scientific community, many researchers do not doubt the emotions of dogs and cats, including their ability to smile, laugh, and be happy.

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