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8 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates: Crating Your Pet Without Destroying Your House

Crating your pet is a great way to keep them safe, but it can be difficult on the wallet. Inexpensive crates are readily available in most stores. However, they may not be what you need.

Before purchasing a crate, try to think about the size of your home and the size of your dog so that you can find one that will work for both.

Pet owners are always looking for new ways to keep their pets secure. One great way is with heavy-duty dog crates, which provide a sense of security while keeping your home free from the mess that can come with crates.

Heavy-duty steel dog crates are available in different sizes and styles to fit your needs. They provide a high-quality option for the price you will pay.

If you are looking for a simple, yet durable option that will work for dogs, then you are in the right place. In this article, we have reviewed lots of super-strong crates highlighting some important features and pros and cons for each crate.

Features You Want in a Heavy Duty, Escape-Proof Dog Crate

When you’re looking for a crate, it’s important to consider your dog’s personality. It is also important to select the right size and features for your pet. While no crate will be 100% of the time, some metal crates are more secure than others. If you can find a quality product with solid walls, this may be the best option for securing your dog in an escape-proof way.

While it might seem like locking up your pet would eliminate any chance of them escaping, it’s important to make sure the latches are difficult for your dog to manipulate. This way, they can’t open the door on their own and will have a harder time escaping from their crate.

  • The crate should be built from metal. They are usually ultra tough and last longer.
  • Crates with removable pans and wheels are convenient.
  • Removable pans make it easier to clean up spills or accidents.
  • A good heavy duty dog crate should have good ventilation because poorly ventilated crates can become damp and stagnant, which fosters bacterial proliferation.
  • The best sturdy crates rely on latches that are inaccessible to your dog. Select a crate with latches that are more difficult for your dog to manipulate.
  • The dog crates doors that slam latches automatically when the door is shut are very good

Why heavy duty dog crates?

  • It stops your dog from destroying your furniture.
  • Stop your pet from scaring your guests.
  • Helps them develop good habits.
  • Makes them feel secure and have their own space.
  • Helps Dogs with anxiety relax and feel comfortable
  • Provide your pup with their own space.

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

proselect empire dog crate cage kennel

The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is one of the most durable dog cages on the market. It is made of thick steel, and the stress points are designed to keep your pet safe from chewing through them. This crate also features a sturdy door with strong latches that can be used for quick release in case of an emergency. The removable caster wheels make it easy to move this heavy duty crate from room to room or when traveling.

This product comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. It also includes a steel tray that is removable for easy cleaning.

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is the perfect size for both small and large dogs. The height of this crate is 33.75 inches, which makes it a good choice for taller breeds as well as those that have accidents inside their home or crates to avoid any messes from being left behind on furniture or ground-level areas near your house.

PUPZO Dog Cage Crate Kennel Heavy Duty Tear Resistant Square Tube with Four Wheels for Large Dogs Easy to Install

pupzo dog cage crate kennel heavy duty

The PUPZO Dog Heavy Duty Kennel Tear Resistant Square Tube with Four Wheels for Large Dogs is a durable dog crate that has been designed to be safe and easy to clean. The crate is made of heavy-duty steel, which makes it stronger than other crates on the market and resistant to tearing. It has four wheels for easy mobility, a door with latch protection, and a front opening for easy access. The crate is also collapsible, which makes it easier to store and travel with.

This heavy duty crate is a great option for pet owners who want to have their dogs crated while they’re away. It has an easy-to-clean plastic tray and four wheels so it can be moved around with ease. The quality assurance period lasts 1 year after purchase, meaning that you will get a warranty on the product if there are any problems or damages during this time frame

Pupzo dog crates are the strongest and most durable options on the market. They come in three sizes, 38″, 42″ and 46″. The measurements for your PUPZO cage are based off of what dimension you need to fit your pet comfortably inside. This is not only convenient, but it’s also safe because there won’t be any accidents or mishaps when they’re strapped into their new home!

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage Strong Metal Kennel and Crate for Medium and Large Dogs, Pet Playpen with Four Wheels, Easy to Install

luckup heavy duty dog cage strong metal kennel

This is a crate that has four wheels on it, which makes it easy to move around. It also comes with two doors, one in the front and one in the top for easy access.

It is made of metal and has a handle on the top for easy transport, making it easy to transport your dog or simply move it around when needed. The door locks are made out of durable metal, so they can’t be easily destroyed by your dog. It is also the perfect size for a medium or large-sized pet.

  • The LUCKYUP is suitable for indoors and outdoors.
  • The spire-triangle design increases the space inside the cage.
  • Four wheels allow for easy transportation of the cage. The wheel can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • The crate is durable.
  • The crate is easy to assemble.
  • The crate can be easily cleaned.
  • The tube is made of high-quality metal.
  • The design of the door is suitable for pet in and out, and has a top door that can be opened for interaction with your dog.
  • The tray is easy to clean and doesn’t rust easily.
  • No tools are needed for assembly or adjustment.
  • The design is eye-catching and attractive to look at.

Haige Pet Nanny Crate for large dogs has two preventive escape locks and four lockable wheels.

haige pet nanny crate for large dogs

The Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny Heavy Duty Dog Crate is a unique, durable, and affordable dog crate that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. This durable metal kennel features a high-quality, powder coated finish to ensure it never chips or cracks from your pet’s claws.

  • Strong metal frame with two locks, four wheels, and one door.
  • 360 degree rotating casters help to move it anywhere.
  • Cleaning is easy.
  • Easy assembly and hardware is included.
  • Haige Pet conducts strict checks and offers a three-year warranty on our products.
  • A patent lock ensures safe and secure travel.
  • It folds down easily, so you can store it anywhere.
  • It prevents dogs from escaping.
  • The Haige Pet Cage is a heavy duty dog crate that protects your pet from being able to escape while also giving them plenty of room. The size of the square tube is 0.79”x0.79”. This means there is a 2.4 inch space between bars, and the size of wire in this product is 0.35”x0.35”.
  • This product has four wheels with a diameter of 4″ so it can move around easily when needed or if you have a place to store it.

SMONTER Unbreakable Dog Crate Strong Metal Pet Kennel Playpen

smonter unbreakable dog crate strong metal pet kennel playpen

The SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate is a strong metal pet kennel playpen with two preventive escape locks, a large dog cage with wheels, and is a heavy-duty dog crate that can be used for housing large dogs. The durable metal frame is not only easy to assemble, but also provides sturdy support for the crate and prevents escape. This dog crate has two preventive escape locks that can be set independently of each other. The lock can be opened with one hand, which is convenient for people who are busy or have their hands full.

Kace Tucker Murphy™ Pet 42, 48 inch Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Dog Cage Kennel Crate and Playpen for Training Large


The Kace Pet Crate is a heavy-duty steel dog cage with double doors that can fit any size dog. It’s designed to prevent even the most aggressive canines from escaping. Furthermore, it’s safe and non-hazardous for your pet’s health. The Kace Pet Crate also comes with a removable tray, locking wheels, and includes locks so you’ll be able to keep your pet in place during transport or when needed.

You’ll love the Kace Tucker Murphy™ Pet Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Dog Kennel and Playpen for Training Large Dogs. It’s easy to assemble, sturdy, and has a double door design with locks that can be secured on wheels and removable trays. Plus, it comes with all of the hardware you need so you don’t have to spend time searching for screws or bolts! The crate is also lightweight, which makes transporting your pet without breaking down any walls an easy task as well.

This is a worthwhile investment for anyone with an indoor or outdoor dog that needs to be kept in the home or outside safe or in a confined space.

Otaid 48 Inch Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate Cage Kennel with Wheels, High Anxiety Dog Crate, Sturdy Locks Design, Double Door and Removable Tray Design, Extra Large XL XXL Dog Crate.

otaid 48 inch heavy duty indestructible dog crate cage

The Otaid 48 inch is a strong, sturdy, and high-quality dog crate that will last for years. It has double doors with locks to keep your pet safely inside the cage. The removable tray makes it easy to clean the inside of the cage. This is a large dog crate that can hold even extra-large dogs. It also has wheels for easy mobility and storage, making it perfect to bring your pet with you when traveling.

  • Upgraded Design with Strengthened Steel in 2021
  • Improved design with strengthened lock in 2021
  • The dog crate has two removable bottom trays, a washable metal pan, and a floor grate to make cleaning up easier.
  • The non-toxic coating on the frame
  • Installation is easy with 10 minutes installation steps.
  • Multi-layer coating that protects the metal against rust, corrosion, scratches, and scuffs.

Itori Heavy-Duty Crate

itori heavy duty crate

The Itori Heavy-Duty Crate is an affordable, inexpensive option for a heavy duty crate. You can use it indoors or outdoors, and it’s built to last. Plus, the Itori crates are resistant to rust and corrosion, so they won’t break down over time.

The Itori Heavy-Duty Crate is a durable metal frame that provides optimal ventilation and visibility. The double doors and locks also prevent escape. With the removable tray, cleanup is quick and easy as well! This crate is an escape-proof dog crate for those with bigger dogs who may need more space than what standard crates offer.

Frisco Ultimate Heavy-Duty Steel Metal Dog Crate

frisco dog hd crates steelcage

This is a heavy-duty metal dog crate that weighs over 100 pounds. It will help to keep your pet safe and sound when you’re not home. The Frisco Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate features a durable, easy to assemble construction with a slide bolt door and rolled edges. The crate is made of heavy gauge steel for strength and safety, and has high sides that will keep your pet from climbing out. It also comes with a plastic tray that will catch any spills. The Frisco Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate is available in 3 sizes to suit your needs.

It is constructed from powder-coated steel and reinforced at stress points, which makes it resistant to scratches, dents, rusting, and daily use. While the crate’s design helps keep your dog safe for a longer period of time, its durability allows you to use it repeatedly without worrying about any damages or wear-and-tear.

The product is easy to clean with a slide-out metal tray and features wheels that have foot brakes, making it easy for you to set up and move. It has an attractive hammer-tone finish that looks great in any home décor.

It also comes in two sizes, so there’s one size for most breeds of dogs or cats weighing less than 10 pounds, as well as the bigger crate which accommodates those over 20 pounds.

Dog crates are a great way of containing your dog when you can’t be with them. They are also perfect for confinement during car travel, house training, and establishing boundaries.

The Kennels provide a sense of security for your pup by giving him or her a familiar place to retreat to, and they also protect your furniture from being chewed up by sharp teeth.

Best Affordable Heavy Duty Stackable Crate

amazon basics heavy duty stackable pet kennel

The Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Stackable Pet Kennel with Tray is a great crate for anyone looking to buy a heavy duty, affordable option. It is one of the most popular crates on Amazon and has been rated 4 out of 5 stars by over 1,000 customers.

This crate comes in two sizes: Large and Extra-Large. The large size measures 30 inches long x 24 inches wide x 36 inches high while the extra-large size measures 38″ long x 31″ wide x 40″ high. The large size is able to hold a pet of up to 100 pounds while the extra-large can fit a pet weighing up to 130 pounds.

Most parts are assembled and the crate comes with a one-year limited warranty from Amazon.

The Best Durable, Heavy Duty Stackable Crate

The Homey Heavy Duty Dog Crates are the best way to crate your pet without destroying your house. It includes one upper cage, double doors with latches, and is made of durable steel with a sleek black finish.

48 inch heavy duty dog crate

If you are looking for the best 48″ dog crate, then you should check out the LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage Strong Metal Kennel and Crate. It is one of the best in the market and would be great for an adult or large dog. The design of the kennel is pleasing to the eye, and it is also escape proof.

Heavy duty plastic dog crate

The best heavy duty dog crates are designed to be escape and chew-proof for dogs, and they are created to last for a very long time. The plastic heavy duty crates are not the type of crate required to contain big or aggressive dogs as some of them are not strong enough. The best crates would be the ones that are made of steel and can hold a large dog weight and don’t move around too much for the safety of your dog.

You can get plastic dog crates here.

Crates for dogs at Walmart

Walmart sells some solid dog crates that could help crates your dog, and here are the best ones that are currently on sale at the Walmart store.

Should I put the dog in a crate at night?

There are pros and cons to putting a dog in a crate at night. Some people think that dogs should be allowed to roam free throughout the house during the day, but then confined when they sleep at night.

Other people think that dogs should be put in a crate when they sleep all day and night long, so they can’t bother anyone or destroy anything. It is always recommended to take your dog out of the crate for them to exercise and run around because it is good for their health.

The most important thing is to make sure the dog has a space that is comfortable and safe for your pup.

How to escape-proof a dog crate?

If your dog is escaping his crate, there are a few things you can do to escape-proof it. The key is observation and reinforcement of the weakness. If you observe where he’s escaping from, make sure that area is reinforced as well.

If your pet is escaping by opening the crate seams, consider using carabiners or some other type of metal hardware to reinforce these places. Never use things through which your dog can chew, such as zip ties, rope, or duct tape.

You can provide your dog something interesting and interactive during his time in the crate by providing him a toy. In some cases, this may calm them down more than just leaving them alone as they have no stimuli for their energy levels.

Can a crate be too big for a dog?

Crates can be a great tool to help create a safe and comfortable space for your dog. However, if you have an overly large crate, it may not be the best option for your pet.

Many dogs will feel more comfortable in a smaller crate that is appropriate for their size. But, before you buy any new pet supplies, make sure to measure the available space in your home for your furry friend and, most importantly, their height.

For adequate comfort, the crate should be at least 6″ (15 cm) longer than their body length and 6″ (15 cm) taller than their shoulder height.

How do I know if my dog needs a bigger kennel?

The best way to determine if your dog needs a bigger kennel is by gauging the space requirements of your pet. If you have an active, large breed dog that likes to play, especially if it has a tendency to knock over its kennel, then you need to get something bigger.

How big should a crate be for a 70 lb dog?

The crate should be large enough for the dog to stand, turn around in a full circle and lie down. A 48 inch crate and above would be perfect for a 70 lb dog. It is best to check the brand sizing guide as they provide additional information and it can vary from brand to brand.

Can a dog chew through a metal crate?

Some dog owners prefer to purchase heavy duty crates for their pets, because they are much stronger than the traditional wire cages.

Metal dog crates are typically made of steel or aluminium and will not easily break if your dog attempts to chew through them.

Another benefit of using a metal crate is that they are typically much stronger than the traditional wire-sided crates, and thus more secure for use in a house, outside, or car.