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Best Dog Food For Pitbulls To Gain Muscle 2022 Review

Is it hard for your Pitbull to build weight and muscle? Examine their daily feed ingredients. How much protein and fat are in it? Weight gain is challenging for pit bulls because they are inherently athletic and muscular. Some of the best dog foods for gaining weight in Pitbulls contain a special macronutrient composition.

Unlike many other breeds, the body of a Bully dog needs a specific ratio of nutrients to retain energy, grow lean muscle, maintain an appropriate weight, and recuperate from rigorous exercise.

Muscle increase can help a pitbull become stronger and more fit for physical activities like house guarding or dog shows. This article will provide you with a list of the top 4 best dog food for Pitbulls to gain muscle.

Here’s the list:

List of the best dog food for Pitbulls to gain muscle

1. Bully Max High-Performance Super Premium Dog Food

2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein

3. Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

4. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Adult Wet Dog

Best Dog Food For Pitbulls To Gain Muscle

1. Super Bully Max High-Performance Premium Dog Food For Pits

pit bull high protein for muscle gain

Pitbull-specific dog food with high protein content and a protein to fat ratio of 30/20. This high-protein mix is suitable for all ages and stages of development for Pitbulls, including puppies.

The food is a mix of chicken meals in which the real meat of the chicken is the number one ingredient, providing a significant amount of quality protein. Each bag has 15 lbs of product, but you may also order a larger bag containing 40 lbs of product.

This high-calorie, high-protein dog chow may be an excellent staple food for athletic dogs because of its high protein content. It does not contain any fillers, such as maize, soy, or wheat, and as a result, it is easy to digest for the majority of dogs.


  • This is a grain free meal.
  • There are two sizes available.
  • The protein-to-fat ratio should be 30/20.
  • Pitbulls are the best for athletic purposes.
  • The first ingredient is 100% real meat.


  • Although it is a little expensive than other dry dog foods product for pitbulls.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein

blue wildness pitbull dog food to build muscle 1

Chicken meal, deboned duck, and turkey meal are the principal sources of protein. Carbohydrates are found in peas and potatoes. Additionally, it contains a nutritious blend of fruits and vegetables.

Blue Buffalo’s unique LifeSource pieces ensure that the dog receives antioxidants and a balanced diet of nutrients.


  • Blend brimming with antioxidants.
  • Grain-free dry dog feed made without byproducts.


  • Can be a touch pricey.

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

pitbull taste of the wild dog food for pits 1 1

Taste of the Wild includes roasted bison and venison as the principal sources of protein, as well as fish and lamb dinners, as well as other vegetarian options. Supplementing the proteins with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Some of the substances contain antioxidants, which are beneficial to immune system functioning. Providing complete nourishment to your adult dog, the Taste of the Wild formula helps him keep a sleek appearance and good health.


  • It contains a significant amount of meat.
  • Carbohydrates are in short supply.
  • Proteins and lipids are abundant.
  • Pricey, but delicious.


  • Nutrients derived from plants are limited.

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Adult Wet Dog

freedom can food to gain weight for pitbull 1

In the event that your pitties require wet food, Blue Buffalo’s Grain-Free Freedom Grillers are a fantastic option. Beef, beef broth, nutritious veggies, minerals, and vitamins are the main components of this dish.

There are no artificial flavors or preservatives in this product either.


  • Delicious, protein-dense Beef that is completely grain-free.
  • It is made up of just the best natural ingredients.
  • There will be no chicken (or poultry) by-product dishes served.
  • There are no artificial preservatives, colors, or tastes, and no maize, wheat, or soy is used.


  • It is a brand that is most appropriate for mature dogs.


What Can Pitbulls eat?

Pitbulls are strong and agile, so they require a high-protein diet. Obesity increases the risk of hip and elbow dysplasia. A healthy diet will help prevent obesity and improve your pitbull’s health. Meat should be the main food source, with no meat by-products or grains. Dry foods are healthier than most foods with higher fat and calorie content.

In addition to refrigerated meat-based foods, feeding raw bones is safe for Pitbulls. It is always safer to check with your veterinarian when serving new food to your dog.

Find out if dogs can eat watermelon and other table food.

Hormones and foods for pit bulls – Pit bulls have sensitive stomachs, so feeding them the right foods is critical to their health. Some foods are toxic or poisonous and will cause stomach upset in your pitbull if fed to it.

Chocolate – one of the most contaminated foods – due to theobromine content, especially in black chocolate.

Chives, Onions, leeks, garlic, and chives are dangerous to pit bulls because they can damage red blood cells and the effects take days to appear. Other harmful foods to your pitbull are grapes, avocado, cooked bones, macadamia nuts, coconuts, and its products in excess, yeast dough, alcoholic products, coffee, tea, and poorly cooked eggs and meat.

The foods mentioned above are likely to harm any pit bull when serve in high quantity.


To summarise, our best selection for the top dog food for Pitbulls to gain muscle is the Super Bully Max High-Performance Premium Dog Food, which is grain-free and available in two sizes. Additionally, it has a healthy protein-to-fat ratio of 30/20, which is beneficial for muscular development in dogs.

Additionally, due to the high protein level, it is often preferred for sporting pit bulls. Indeed, actual meat is the first ingredient. While it may be slightly expensive, it offers the best quality dog food content (100% beef) to help your dog gain weight.