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Barkbox: The Ultimate review

What is Barkbox?

Barkbox is the perfect way to share your dog’s personality and ensure your puppy has a great time. Every month, you get a new service, products, and experiences, making it easy to keep your dog entertained. The monthly experience includes a new service, product, or product experience that makes you feel like your dog is on top of the world. Your dog will love being able to choose what they want to receive each month from Barkbox.

How much is Barkbox?

The box contains everything you need to care for your dog, whether that’s with food or toys. The variety of items in the package helps ensure that your pet has plenty to eat and drink and will also help keep your loved one healthy and happy. The price range starts at $23-35 is what we would say it is worthwhile having this product in your home.

Barkbox comes with under-listed Subscription:

Subscription Name Duration Price/Barkbox Offer Theme Collection
Monthly Subscription 1 Month $35
6 Month Subscription 6 Month $28 Free Dog Bed for 1st Barkbox New Theme Every Month
12 Month Subscription 12 Month $25 Free Dog Bed for 1st Barkbox New Theme Every Month

Is Barkbox worth it?

Barkbox is the perfect way to keep your dog entertained and help you save money. With the fun & delicious treats every month, this box is sure to please everyone. You don’t even have to shop at the store- they sent over many different items that are always up to date and rare.

Every Barkbox comes with two natural ingredients treats, two unique toys, and a chew. If you shop the items independently from any store, you will cost more than $40. But with Barkbox monthly subscription, you can get these items for $35 only. You are saving time and money every month.

The more exciting part is, if you subscribe for 12 months, you will cost only $25 per month while you will get products worth more or less $40.

Can you buy Barkbox toys individually? (Can you buy a single Barkbox?)

Barkbox comes in a subscription for one month, three months, six months, and 12 months. You can even buy a single Barkbox for your need. For example, subscribe for one month get your single Barkbox. That means you can buy a single bar box whenever you need it.

What comes in a Barkbox?

Generally, each Barkbox comes with two toys, two treats, and one chew each month. Each toy is designed especially for your dog’s happiness, where toys’ color & shape provides extra joy for your puppy. The dog treats are also created to ensure the dog’s health. Dog treats are made from natural ingredients.

Toys come with Barkbox monthly subscription (any 2):

  • The Jamster
  • Slow Jam Sam
  • Bearly Sleepy Slipper
  • Joey Jammies
  • Yank Calls
  • Beg & Hairy’s Ice Cream

Which is better Barkbox or chewy?

The chewy subscription comes with a wide range of toys loved by tough habitant dogs. On the other hand, the Barkbox contains dog treats and toys. As a result, Barkbox costs more extra money than a chewy subscription. If your dog does not have a tough habit, then Barkbox would be a good choice for you, and it’s worth money. But if you are more focused on dog toys than treats, then a chewy subscription will be an excellent pick for you.

Comparison of Barkbox and Chewy:

Element Barkbox Chewy
Toys 2 Toys 2 tough, fluff free toys
Treats 2 Bags Treats 2 Bags Treats
Chewer 1 Chew 2 Chews

Pros and Cons of Barkbox and Chewy

Pros Cons
Treats are made from natural ingredients. Toys are less durable
Multiple treats come in every box. Large dogs can
You will save good amount of money for annual subscription.
Dogs loves the toys and treats that comes with the box.
Barkbox is affordable.
Pros Cons
Comes with more chewy & less toys No guarantee on toys

Does Barkbox send birthday gifts?

Your pup’s birthday is an extra special occasion. So it’s always a great idea to arrange some extra treats for your puppy on their birthday to express your love for them. Barkbox, as always, provides some extra goodies for your puppy’s birthday. In addition, you will see some extra and lovely goodies on your bar box for your dog’s birthday as a special birthday gift.

How to use the Barkbox promo code?

You can use the Barkbox promo code while checking out on the Barkbox website like any other ecommerce website. First, go to the Barkbox website. Then choose your item and proceed to check out. After fillup, your information, look for a box that says “Coupon Code .”Then enter your coupon code there, and you are done.

Can I cancel Barkbox?

Yes, You can cancel the Barkbox subscription anytime you want. There are many ways to cancel a backbox subscription whenever you want.

Most people do it from the Barkbox website. To do that, you need to go to the website. Then log in to your account. After that, you need to select a subscription from the top page. From there, click on all subscriptions and then choose edit. From there, click on the cancel renewal button.

You can cancel your Barkbox subscription by sending an email. Just compose your email by describing why you want to cancel your Barkbox subscription; remember to provide all your information and send the email to

If you want to cancel the Barkbox subscription over the phone, you can call this number 1-855-944-2275 and talk with the customer care executive.

How to customize your Barkbox?

You can customize your monthly Barkbox by the needs of your puppy. For example, if your dog is a super chewer, you can choose the most durable toys for your box, and if your dog is not that much chewer or you have a polite dog that only plays with toys, you can choose the classic puff. You can also choose all toys pack without any extra cost.

While purchasing the Barkbox, you need to check the toy durability section. To check the toy durability section, go to the “Toy Durability” section from above your screen. There you will see current durability, and you will have the option to change the durability section.

Please note: Classic Fluff is a Classic Box, and Chompion is a Super Chewer Box.

From the durability section, you will be able to switch between classic fluff and Chompion subscription. You can switch to Chompion from Classic pluff with some extra charge.

What size Barkbox should I get?

Barkbox is available in 4 sizes. Extra small boxes are for dogs that are weighted under 9 pounds. Small-sized box generally designed for dogs under 20 pounds. Medium-sized boxes are intended for the pups 20-49 pounds, and large packages are designed for dogs over 50 pounds. You can also purchase a custom-sized pack for your appropriate need.

What is the difference between the small Barkbox and the just right?

Small size Barkbox is for those dogs who are under 20 pounds. You can choose the appropriate size for your dogs’ needs by looking at the size guide.

Barkbox standard size guide:

  • Small: for most pups under 20 pounds.
  • Medium: for most dogs, 20-49 pounds.
  • Large: for puppies over 50 pounds.

How do you receive a Barkbox from a friend?

Receiving a free Barkbox is an exciting thing that you can get quickly by referring your friend. First, you need to go to your account invite section and copy your unique referral code. Then share this code with your friends on social media, WhatsApp, or other places. Then, if anyone signs up for Barkbox using your referral code, you will get a free Barkbox next month.

Is Barkbox suitable for puppies?

Barkbox has 600000 plus monthly subscriptions worldwide, and it’s an excellent value for money. In addition, Barkbox is an outstanding deal for six months or older dogs.

How long does it take for the Barkbox to arrive?

Barkbox ships once a month. 15th of every month they send the delivery to customers, and in the USA it takes around eight days to arrive, and in Canada, it takes 12 business days.

Does Barkbox have a tough chewer?

Yes. It’s called Barkbox super chewer.

What is in a Barkbox super chewer?

Barkbox super chewer contains two custom-designed tough and fluff-free toys, two bags of natural ingredients treats, and two healthy chews.

How many toys come in a Barkbox?

Each size Barkbox comes with two toys.

Can you cancel Barkbox at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription anytime. You can either cancel it by logging in to your account or emailing a dedicated customer care number to talk to them directly.

Does Barkbox have Black Friday sales?

Yes. Barkbox has a black Friday sale to get your first Barkbox for only $5.

How to get a discount on Barkbox?

You can get a discount on every month’s Barkbox if you subscribe to 6 months plan. For six months plan, each Barkbox will cost you around $23. You can get more discounts if you purchase a 12 monthly plan. You will get each Barkbox for $20 in 12 months plan. You will also get a 20% discount when you order a bulk gift card.