6 signs that tell you that your dog is happy

Girl Cuddling Dog

Lady cuddling dog

In day-to-day living with our pets, it is important to observe. What signs tell us that the dog is happy?

For any owner of dogs, it is certain to think if our dog is happy. Therefore, there are some signs to look for in order to see if our pet is in good condition and happy. Next, we will analyze 6 signals that can help clear up doubts about it.

It is very important to pay attention to the dog’s diet:

Dog With Good Appetite

Dog with a good appetite

Observe if the dog has a good appetite is vital. If dogs are reluctant to try or eat food directly, the cause can be diverse, but usually, it is usually a symptom of a mood or even a physical problem. If this happens, it is advisable to go to the veterinarian to find out what happens.

The energy of the animal is a clear index of mood:

Dog With Energy

Dog with energy

If dogs are cheerful and dynamic, wanting to play and walk, we can be sure that dogs are happy. On the contrary, if they have a vague, inactive, or indifferent attitude towards any stimulus, there is a high probability that they are in a depressive state or suffer from any medical condition.

Proper rest:

Dog Resting On Owner

Dog resting on owner

The correct rest of our pet also has a direct impact on the happiness and mood of the dog. It is necessary to find the right balance of sleeping hours. A dog that has no physical activity throughout the day will take more rest since it has not burned all the imminent energy, on the other hand, not getting enough rest will lead the dog to a state of exhaustion and continued tiredness. Keep in mind that the average rest in a dog is in 16 hours.

Tail Movement:

Dog Tails Moving

The most obvious and best-known index worldwide is the movement of its tail, when a dog is happy, it moves its tail without stopping and even part of the spine. If when we play with him, when he gets home or when he goes for a walk, the dog moves its tail, we can be sure of its happiness. Similarly, if dogs do not move the tail is a factor to keep in mind that they may not be having a good time.

Receptivity to petting:

Dog Enjoying Petting

Another sign to attend to in the behavior of our pet is its receptivity to petting, to play, or to our proximity. If the dog shows its belly means a sign of confidence that translates into its happiness.

Eye contact:

Dog Having Eye Contact

Dog having eye contact

Attending eye contact is another sign to know if you are comfortable and happy. If dogs have dilated pupils, it means that they are happy and if they squint their eyes with the caresses, it is a sign that they are relaxed and comfortable.

Did you know these signs to decipher if your dog is happy? It is important to make sure that our dog enjoys our company and feels comfortable and relaxed in his day today.

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