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6 Best 48 Inch Dog Crates: Find the perfect dog kennel for your dog today!

If you have a large dog at home and you are planning to crate train him/her, then you need a really good 48 inch dog crate. The crate size of the kennel plays a very important role in the training process. With the right crate, you can ensure that your dog is trained quickly and effectively, and, most importantly, your dog feels relaxed and comfortable in the crate.

This blog will look at some of the key considerations you need before purchasing a 48 inch dog crate and also review the 5 best 48 inch dog crates for your pet. After you decide on a dog crate that meets your needs, then you may also want to check out the best 48 inch dog crate cover and the best 48″ dog crates blog posts to find the perfect cover for your 48 inches dog crate.

best 48 inch dog crate 1

The 48 inch dog crate is the most popular of all dog crate sizes for big dogs. It’s designed to ensure enough space for your pet and it’s comfortable too. This article will look at some of the best 48-inch dog crates available and what to consider when buying a crate for your dog.

Top rated 5 48 Inch Dog Crates

RankProduct NameScore
midwest crate cover 24 inchMideWest Home Dog Crate9.6
lemberi xl dog crate heavy duty dog cage crate pet kennel strong metal for training large dogLemberi Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate9.6
48 inch dog crate new world pet products metal single or double doorNew World Pet Metal Dog Crate9.2
life stages ls 1648 single door folding crate for x large dogsLife Stages LS-1648 Single Door Folding Crate9.1
midwest icrate homes for pets dog crateMidWest iCrate Starter Kit |Includes a Dog crate9.1

1. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

midwest homes for pets dog crate icrate single door 48 inch dog crate

Product Overview

Brand                        MidWest Homes for Pets

Material                     Metal

Style                           Single Door

Color                          Black

Size                            48-Inch w/Divider

Crate weight            40.8 Pounds

Give your pet a comfortable and secure home with this 48 inch dog crate. It is an ideal crate for dogs weighing more than 100 pounds, as the divider offers enough room to grow and move within the crate.


  • The 48 dog crate is portable and easy to carry while traveling.
  • It comes with a dog tray that wouldn’t let your pet’s paws suffer from metal.
  • Two slide-bolt latches firmly keep the 48in dog crate in place, ensuring the dog’s safety.
  • The Pan stop mechanism offers easy and quick pan cleaning.
  • The divider panel offers easy length adjustment, which is beneficial for when the dog grows.


  • It provides a home for your pet dog while you are away from home.
  • The 48 dog crate has roller feet that save your indoors from scratching.
  • It helps provide quick training for puppies and enables a sense of satisfaction and comfort in their homes.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • It is super easy to assemble.
  • Single-door crate.
  • Plastic handles for easy transport.


  • The crate wires can be harmful to non-trained puppies.
  • The quality could be better.

2. Lemberi 48 Inch Heavy Duty Dog Crate

lemberi xl dog crate heavy duty dog cage crate pet kennel strong metal for training large dog

Product Overview

Brand                        Lemberi 

Material                     Steel

Style                           Two Door

Color                          Black

Size                            48-Inch

Crate weight            227 KG

The Lemberi heavy-duty dog crate is perfect for stubborn dogs that love to explore their surroundings and quickly escape from your grip. It comes with two locks, and the wheels are also lockable. So, it will be a reasonable investment for XL dogs.


  • This 48-inch dog crate is made of 20-gauge steel, ensuring durability and consistency of the material.
  • It offers a dual-door design to provide easy access and make your dog feel at home.
  • It does not take more than 10 minutes to assemble the crate. Some of the parts are already constructed, so it saves time.
  • The 48 dog kennel features a dense grate that helps a dog to stand stable.
  • The wheels are lockable, ensuring prevention of accidents.


  • The crate promises durability as it is lucky to have a rust and corrosion-resistant material.
  • The rust coating would be environmentally friendly and keep your dog healthy in its home.
  • The removable mesh and metal trays allow quick and easy cleaning.
  • The crate wheels will not scratch your floors.


  • The material is more potent.
  • Safe and secure with double locks.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Safe to train large dogs.
  • The thick bottom protects the paws.


  • The locks are slightly loose, and it wouldn’t sound suitable for wild dogs.

3. New World Pet Products Folding Metal Large Dog Crate

48 inch dog crate new world pet products metal single or double door

Product Overview

Brand                           New World

Material                      Metal, Plastic

Style                            Single Door

Color                           Black

Size                            48-Inch

Crate weight            42.33 Pounds

The New World Pet 48 inch dog kennel is a safe, comfortable, and ideal home for your pet dog. Though the appearance of the 48 dog crate is traditional, the material guarantees durability and long-term support for your dog.


  • It helps with training pet dogs who chew whatever they get.
  • The pan is easily removable and washable.
  • The wire design of the 48 dog kennel offers appropriate ventilation for your pet dog.
  • It features round corners for dog safety.


  • The folding design is convenient for storage and assures mobility.
  • The assembling is super easy.
  • If you keep the pan safe from direct sunlight, it will last longer than you’d expect.
  • The plastic plan holds steady with the easy-to-unlock hooks.


  • The design encourages proper visibility.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Resilient material.
  • Leak-proof plastic pan.
  • You can call it an Xl dog crate.


  • Unlocking the latch on the door is quite hard.

4. Life Stages LS-1648 Single Door Wire Crate | Folding 48 Inch Crate

life stages ls 1648 single door folding crate for x large dogs

Product Overview

Brand                           MidWest Homes for pets

Material                      Metal

Style                           Single Door

Color                          Satin Black E-Coat

Size                            48-Inch w/Divider

Crate weight             53Pounds

It is a single-door XL dog crate, the perfect choice for large dog breeds. It tends to fold flat for easy travel and portability. The durable material keeps your dog safe in your absence.


  • The brand designs the crate by keeping the dog’s comfort in mind.
  • It is big enough to let the dog move comfortably.
  • The slide-bolt latches are safe and easy to lock and unlock.
  • The rounded corners would keep wild and stubborn dogs safe from wire incidents.
  • The crate comes with an Electro-Coat finish to promote durability.


  • It allows quick folding to promote portability.
  • The plastic pan is easy to remove and quick to clean.
  • This 48-inch dog kennel might help train big dogs, reducing chewing habits and making them potty train.
  • It also comes with a divider panel that provides extra space for dogs to grow big.


  • The carrying handle makes it super portable.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • Safe and secure home for your pet.
  • Quick setup.
  • Safe roller wheels.
  • It allows personalization with accessories.


  • It is pretty heavy to carry.
  • The divider may have sharp edges.

5. MidWest iCrate Starter Kit | 48 inches Double Door Dog Crate

midwest icrate starter kit dog crate with 2 bowls for xl dogs

Product Overview

Brand                          MidWest Homes for Pets

Material                     Polyester, Fleece

Style                           Two Door

Color                          Black

Size                            48-Inch

Crate weight            43.4 Pounds

If you are a dog owner looking for an all-in-one or multiple doors dog crate, this double door starter kit crate is for you. It has everything you and your dog need. It saves you time, effort, and extra pennies you would spend on separate accessories, and it is also strong and helps with crate training and dog suffering from separation anxiety.


  • The kit consists of a dual-door iCrate, a dog bed, a crate cover, and two fixable pet bowls.
  • It is an ideal XL dog crate for adult dogs weighing upto 110 pounds.
  • The divider panel allows length adjustment according to how your dog grows.
  • The slide-bolt door latches are trustworthy for leaving your dogs behind.
  • It can be folded flat for storage.


  • The comfortable bed promotes comfort for the dog.
  • Keep the food and water in the bowls and promote convenient eating.
  • A compelling handle helps when traveling with your dog.


  • 1-year warranty.
  • Leak-proof tray.
  • Portable
  • Cover for peaceful sleep.


  • The crate quality could be better.

How much does it cost to buy a 48 inch long dog crate?

A 48 inches dog crate price varies depending on the brand and the material used to construct the dog crate. Dog owners can expect to pay between $75-250 for a standard 48-inch dog crate that is made of metal, but for dog crates made of Alloy Steel, the cost is $279 – 560.

If you are looking for a 48-inch dog crate that will meet your need, check out our recommendation for the best 48-inch dog crate available to buy in the market.

Can a Great Dane fit in a 48 inch crate?

Yes, a Great Dane can fit in a 48 inch crate because the dog crate is big enough for any Great Danes to be comfortable. The standard dimensions of the crate are 48.5L x 30.25W x 32H inches, so large dogs would fit well in a 48 inch dog crate. However, some Great Dane may struggle to fit in, if they are full adult size and their height is above 30″ you may want to consider getting either a 56 inch or 72 inch dog crate.

When should you use a dog crate?

A dog crate is a safe haven for your dog to call home. It is a secure, comfortable and private space for your pet. The crate is often used inside the home to keep your pup safe while you’re out or while you’re sleeping.

Crates are not only a wonderful tool to housetrain a papered dog, but they also help a dog during a car trip when there are too many distractions in the vehicle. A crate used for transport should be big enough that pets can be comfortable and can lie down. 

In short, you should use a dog crate for training, potty training, travel, and keeping your dog safe if you need to leave him alone in your home.

How big is a 48 inch dog crate?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for a crate for a dog is that it must be large enough for the dog to stand up, sit down and move around. So, as long as the crate is 48 inches long and 33″ high, it should be large enough for most large breed dogs. 

A 48 inch large dog crate is suitable for large and extra-large dog breeds and measures 48L x 32W x 33H inches (LxWxH). It is recommended to always check the dimensions of the dog crate size because some brands categorize large dog crates differently.

What dog needs a 48 inch crate?

Dog crating is a way to keep a pet safe and most dogs need a 48 inch dog crate as it provides a safe and comfortable place for your dog to rest and it is also used for housetraining pets, car, or plane travel. If you have a puppy or dogs who are not house trained it is always good to use a crate to train the dog.

What is dimensions of a 48 inch dog crate?

There are several important measurements to look at when purchasing a dog 48 inches dog crate for a large dog. These measurements are 48L x 32W x 33H inches When purchasing a dog crate, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First, the overall size of the cage and the dog should be able to stand, turn around and lay down comfortably. 

The 48 inch dog crate measures 48 inches long, the height of 33 inches, and length of 32 inches, with dimensions like these, this is the perfect size for your furry friend to curl up and sleep on their own.

In addition, a 48 inch crate is good for dogs that weigh more than 90 pounds. It has the largest capacity and will be able to fit most of your canine’s needs. This size is also perfect if you are planning on traveling with your pet because it can easily fit under an airline seat or in a car trunk without taking up much space.

Is a 48 inch crate big enough for a German shepherd?

Yes, a 48″ dog crate is big enough size for a German shepherd and they should be able to stand up, turn around, and lie down straight without any difficulties.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right dog crate is very important to your dog’s health and well-being. We hope this article has given you a few suggestions on the best 48 inch dog crate for large dogs. We also hope you will consider using a dog crate for training, housebreaking, or just for safety. If you are looking for a great dog crate for large dogs, we hope you will consider one of the crates we talked about today. If you have any questions about this topic or would like to learn more about dog crates, please feel free to contact us.