3 things you didn’t know about dog food

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The composition of dog food is something that gives much to talk about in the veterinary world, but we must be calm since they go through rigorous quality controls.

The feeding of our dog needs almost as much attention as we pay to ours, since its health will depend to a large extent on it.

Dog food is a much more complex than it seems and has many curiosities that can put you on alert if you didn’t know them beforehand.

Taking a look at the ingredients and nutrients of dog food is just as overwhelming as it is with human food, and that seems to be endless lists of substances unknown to most, but we shouldn’t worry since so many quality controls have passed like ours.

These are some of the most striking things about our pet’s food that you probably did not know about, and that will prevent you from putting your hands to your head if you don’t read the components:

Dog food may contain heavy metals

Potential heavy metal in dog food

Yes, you read correctly, but it is nothing negative if they are present in their rightful measure. Many natural foods have metals, but they are beneficial to health because their presence is measured in parts per million.

This is good to know because you can imagine the perplexed face when you find out that your pet’s food carries natural metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, or cadmium. It would be logical for you to think that you are giving him real poison, but none of that, since the amount, is very controlled and in no case will it be harmful to the dog’s health.

In fact, eliminating these metals from your pet’s diet is totally impossible, since they are present in the air, water or land, so they are absorbed by plants and animals naturally, and end up in our body and yours.

Ash in dog food

dog treat photo

Another of the components that attract the most attention when we look at the composition of dog feed is that most contain ashes in its composition. Although it may seem negative, it is necessary to keep the animal’s mineral levels 100%.

Lack of minerals can cause problems in the bones and other tissues of your pet, in addition to helping to clean the teeth of the animal by snoring the small pellets of feed. Also, minerals such as iron, zinc, or calcium are essential for the proper functioning of the organism.

In case of not including the ash in the dog’s food, he would suffer developmental problems in the growth phase, and his bones would not get the necessary hardness. If, on the contrary, it was administered in excess, it would cause problems in the gastrointestinal tract, damage to the kidneys, or urinary crystals.

Problems with excess wet food

dog wet food

Every day it is more common to provide wet food to our pets, the famous cans available in any supermarket, but the reality is that most are not as balanced as they may seem, even if the dog prefers them


Also, having half the ash that dry feed has, wet food eventually causes dental problems in dogs. since they favor the accumulation of tartar. If you want to give that kind of food to your pet, the ideal thing is that the intervals with feed to keep them healthy.

Finally, in the case of dogs with a tendency to be overweight, you have to pay special attention to the amount of wet food, since it has more caloric and has a greater amount of fat.

Remember! The balance is a virtue.


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