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10 very funny things dogs do

All dog lovers who have a dog at home will have observed funny situations at some point. What are the funny dog ​​things can we see?

Dogs are one of the best pets that anyone can have; They are affectionate, intelligent and also very funny. Without a doubt, these magnificent animals carry joy everywhere, so it is so important to compensate and treat them with the love and respect they deserve. Continue reading and discover some of the funny things about dogs.

The best funny things dogs

1. Bite the tail

Dog biting its tail

Biting the tail is one of the funny things dogs do. Despite this, it is essential to be aware of this behaviour, since doing so often can mean that the dog has some discomfort or health problem.

2. Chase the tail

Dog chasing their tail

Another amusing behaviour that dogs have is when they chase their tail. Like the previous point, if a dog does it very often, it can mean that dog may have a problem.

3. Movement of the rear leg

Dog movement of the rear leg

Very normal behaviour is that the dog moves its back leg when it is touched or when it is scratched, especially the belly area. This is a reflex known as “scratching” and occurs when nerve endings send a message to the hind legs, and they begin to move directly.

4. Returns before bedtime

dog returns before bed timepng

This behaviour is very healthy, productive and is inherited from its wild state many years ago. The purpose of this behaviour is to ensure that there is no danger.

5. Sleep upside down

dog sleeps upside down

Dogs can adapt postures when they sleep, and one of the most common is with the back stuck to the ground and the legs up. This attitude means that the dog is really relaxed.

6. Find the ball

dog finds a ball

Dogs are like children, always wanting to play and very innocent. That is why it is so funny when the act to throw the ball is done, and it has not really been done. In spite of this, the dogs shoot out to look for the ball and get a little confused when they don’t find it.

7. Take head out the car window

Dog head out of a car

One of the things that dogs like best is to take their faces out the window, and that is they not only want to feel the wind but also enjoy all the smells they perceive on the way.

8. Howl

Dog Howling

Yelling is another of the oddest things dogs can do, although many may also consider it annoying. The reasons for the howling can be very varied: from a defence of the territory to happiness for the arrival of its owner at home.

9. Shake head while playing

Dog shaking heads while playing

It is also very reasonable and hilarious that dogs shake their heads when they have a toy in their mouths. He is merely pretending to have hunted a prey, an ancient instinct.

10. Get dirty after bath

Get dirty after bath

Almost all dogs will try to get dirty after bathing. This behaviour is since they generally dislike the smell of the shampoo.

These 10 things are not only funny, but they will also help you to get to know your dog a little more. It is also a very effective way to communicate and also for the owner to pay attention to any strange and sudden changes. What else funny does your dog do?